Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Merritt

Merritt is a little town we came across and had to stop there.
It is known as a Country Music Capital and has many working cattle ranches.
It's close to the Nicola River. The Nicola Valley is another beautiful spot to drive through, especially if you go off the highway.
Merritt had a motorcycle festival and boy, lots of nice hogs to see here.


It is no wonder it sports an Electric Vehicle Charging Station for tourists, as part of  the BC plug in BC initiative

It was very hot and dry here but as you left the highway to get into Merritt, they have a very nice rest area to cool off in. Every one stops here. The bus stopped here often with our soccer boys.


We tried to get close to the copper dome to see what it was but with the festival it was hard to do.

Trinity Church
Merritt is still a small place but it has lots of potential to grow into something fantastic

Right now.......it's just a PIECE OF PARADISE!!


Mama Zen said...

Pretty place!

Rob-bear said...

Merritt is a delightful community which merits our attention. Thanks for the pictures, video, and story.

Akelamalu said...

Looks like a lovely place.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks guys.
We are driving around enjoying our province,trying to see what's up where.
With the ocean beaches being soiled, people head to the interior for pristine waters.
They say animals hurt our beaches and we are to keep them clean from them. Then man goes where animals have no rules and keep the beaches clean. Goes to show who the bad ones really are.lol