Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nostalgia A Legacy of a Queen and her Horses.

Queen Elizabeth has been a wonderful Queen for Canadians to look up to. My grand parents loved her and her Mom.  I think she will be truly missed as she has come to mean more than just Englands' Head of State.
We watched her share herself and her family with the world .
 .We all loved watching William grow and marry a lovely bride who he was gracious enough to share with the world, learning from his grand mother, what it entails to be a true king.

This is an amazing video and I don't know how I found it because it has a lot in it and is not bits and pieces.
The horses are beautiful. They perform so well and it would be hard to choose which one of them is the nicest because they all have such beautiful trusting eyes.
 You can see the soul from these proud, elegant, loyal eyes, in a powerful body, with superb bone structure.
as they put on their best performance.
No matter where she goes, the Queens' love is seen through the eyes of these magnificent steeds.

Horses are spiritual creatures. You never get tired of watching them from the smallest to the biggest , from the oldest to the youngest. They love to be entertained and to entertain in return putting their best hoof forward.
The Queen  began her reign as a young Princess, fresh, innocent and full of good will. The Queens' Diamond Jubilee left her fighting tears to see the beloved legacy she worked so hard for and now appreciated  by people who travelled from far and wide to make this day stupendous for her.
She is recognized world wide, for her unselfish service, asking nothing in return.

This video is put together so well, involving excellence from so many people.
Such a pleasure to watch.

God Bless the Queen.



Rob-bear said...

I didn't have time to watch the whole video, but I know the Queen is very fond of horses. Delightful tribute to both for the Diamond Jubilee.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear - I watched the whole thing and thought it was a great video.
People from all over the world where she visited, came with their horses to pay tribute.
She was very touched. I never saw her smile so much

Łucja-Maria said...

Thank you very much for your visit and comment.
Fantastic blog.
Milo is with you.
I know this movie.
So the queen loves horses.

SandyCarlson said...

That's cool. Where words fail, animals by their presence say so much.

Horses and deer have the same effect on me. They connect us to another world, another realm.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Lucia Maria

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy so true Some animals have these doe eyes and they are very special

George said...

It took me a while to get through this video, but I'm so glad that you shared it with us. I wasn't aware of this event before your post -- it was just marvelous.

A Lady's Life said...

George I also didn't realize the video was so long but got into it and thought hmmm this is good.
Glad you enjoyed.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life ... I haven't got to rewatch the video here .. but I was so delighted you posted it - many thanks - as it was a Show I partly saw and really wanted to revisit it - and now I can courtesy of you .. at some stage soon.

Well found is all I can say - it is an amazing video show ... I watched it totally bemused especially the overseas participants - both countries and national touches .. they were brilliant!!

Cheers Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Hilary - it is a beautiful video and a nice thing to remember :)