Monday, July 16, 2012

BC Ski Fish and Swim

BC, Canada Swim and fish in the day, Ski at night.
We still have snow people! lol

The mountains on the Coquihalla Hwy are amazingly beautiful. You just can't get enough .

The City of Hope is very special and beautiful to see especially for visitors.

It has the old and new kind of life and living style.

Every where you look you see wonderful wood carvings, displayed along city streets and parks and business areas.

This is Hope City Hall.

It has this sign saying Izu and Hope are sister cities.
I don't know why yet lol

As usual we see Canadian Pride in our flags

Here is a big Bear Carving.

Coons climbing a tree.
I have never seen coons before.

The old Cinema.

Birth of Ogopogo
A lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia
Another Bear and some kind of warrior . lol
Beautiful Carving!!
Skirting Hope is a beautiful river at the foot of the mountain.
Hope is another city surrounded by mountains.
I love the name Hope  and it's a nice place to visit because of all the special things to see here.
P.S. I guess I must be a robot cause I can't get through these words. I can't hear most of them cause they are muffled. Sorry if you don't get any comments from me. :)


George said...

Hope is a beautiful city. I really like those wood carvings. I hope to be able to visit Hope some day.

A Lady's Life said...

Soo much to see across the border George lol

SandyCarlson said...

You so make me want to head very north and see all this. I am learning anew to respect cooler climes!

A Lady's Life said...

Well BC is a wet place Sandy.
We were expecting a thunder storm but it didn't come.
Whistler is the Intl place people come to but the Interior has some very nice places full of nature and skiing in winter.

Gattina said...

What a nice place ! but snow ? that's even worse than our rain and the 13°C we have !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Where I live we only have 2 weeks of snow at most and it melts quickly
Up North of course there is a lot more.
It's nice to go to Whistler or Mt Seymour etc.. and see the huge snowflakes come down quietly, beautifully covering everything.
Soo pretty.

Kellie said...

Hello~ I love the mountains! and WOW all the carvings are fantastic!

Better is Possible said...

Beautiful pictures of Hope. We love in such a scenic province. Thanks for posting such lovely pictures.