Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Youth Inspiration

I remember going to see one of these performances and boy, was it inspirational.!
I loved the costumes, especially the way the girls were decked out in ribbons and embroidered skirts and aprons
I so loved the soft red boots and made sure to buy myself a pair.
I wore red boots for the longest time and when I walked in them, I was dancing in my head, floating on a high that kept me in ever lasting dream land..lol
 I guess this is why I understood Michael Jacksons' Never land. It was his place to be, who he wanted to be.

The guys dancing these dances were so young virile and  handsome, you couldn't decide who was the nicest looking and they jumped so high, almost 6 feet. You'd meet them at weddings and they would take you away in their arms and make dancing look like something you were born with knowing how to do.

I decided there was nothing more macho, than a guy in baggy pants, doing a jig like this and I wished I could also have been born a boy, so I could do all those things they did.

Thats how I got into the study of the Cossacks, and one famous one Stenko Rasin, the King of the mighty Volga River.

It was all so romantic, mystic, powerful, meaningful as legends often are.
It stretched your soul and feelings  thread bare and in danger of  breaking, leaving you to fly away into the horizon and into outer space never to be seen again.
You had to learn to take a breath and rein yourself in, not to lose yourself .

Is this what total insanity is like? Expressing a passion so strong, so as to feel your chest bursting, to the music, is not something people today experience.
 I could ride the plains in the wind, on a black steed, defying all and everyone who tried to go against me.


I guess it was the Amazon in my blood that made me so powerful and strong of spirit.
Zena, the warrior Princess, meeting the moustachioed Stenko Rasin on the Volga.lol

As a pair , no one would dare laugh or snigger or throw her off the ship to drown in the blackest of waters, as Stenko Rasin did the woman he loved, not to seem to look as if he was womanized, to his men.

And even if he did, she would survive, for warrior Princesses are instilled with magic.
Stenko Rasin in his baggy pants, furrowed eyebrows behind which lay the blackest, deepest of eyes and the softest of beards moistened by the misty sprays of the high seas, was simply put... sexy. lol

But time flies by and we all grow up and men are not powerful and strong as legends portray them to be.
We are all full of insecurities.
We do not live by the sword or die by the sword and if men do, they are listed in little black books as monsters to be shot on sight.
But the legends live on. These men and women are left to be seen as Gods and Godesses because they defied traditions and created their own realities.

We build statues in their names and sing songs secretly wishing we could express such passion and freedom such as we find in a dying race of  wild steed still running in the windy snow covered plains. They rather die than be reined into clausterphobia.

We are left to watch dying cultures as they continue to remember and dance the viral dance, in baggy pants
and soft red boots, legends in their own right.


Akelamalu said...

I'd love some soft red leather boots.

A Lady's Life said...

lol akelamalu - they are soo nice !
I wouldn't know where to buy them today.

Zuzana said...

I grew up with this culture and even if it was forced upon us it is still visually sunning. I have danced these dances myself as a young girl, when we still lived in the communist east.;) Our Slovak traditions have also very beautiful folk dances and folk costumes and the ensemble of Lúčnica is very famous all around the world.;)
Thank you for your always lovely comments at my place.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Zuzana -
Boy were you lucky to have been able to dance in these dances and events.
Such beautiful dances :)

Anji said...

Thank you for this! When I was ten the Georgia State Dance Company was let out to tour and my aunt took me to see them. The men danced on their points in their soft leather boots.

I was too young to lust after the young men, but the memories of that night stayed with me for a long time.

I think I'll take a look at YouTube and see if I can find videos of them...

Anji said...

I stand corrected, Georgian State Dance Company. I found this, some rehersal and bits of performances as well as close ups of the men's feet

Anji said...



A Lady's Life said...

Anji- I never lusted after men lol but I did find the dance very attractive . It's funny because in those days men smoked and drank a lot more and they also spoke differently.To sit with them, made a little girl feel very safe. So the dance just fit right in with the strong macho element of what a man represented in every family.
Todays man is robbed of this leader of the pack element. Today men are feminized as women take on more powerful rolls in life.

A Lady's Life said...

Anji - The Georgian State Dance Company on your link did a very powerful dance but it represented more of the war element with swords and lacked the beautiful colors and ribbons the women wore and the colorful baggy pants the men wore
plus the red boots lol
I think the Georgian dance would have scared me as a kid. It would not have inspired me to dance and dream beautiful dreams.
I remember I used to have night mares about this man in a hat standing in a foggy lumberyard.
I'd dream he was trying to kill me and I was looking for a safe place to hide. Later I saw a Humphrey Bogart movie and thought hmmm it's the man in my dream. lol
I must have seen one of his movies and didn't understand it cause I was small but he scared me for a long time. In those days I believed the things happening on TV were really happening right that minute.lol
Times sure have changed from then and today. My Dad believed for a long time that the war movies really were made on war ships in high seas.lol When he went to Universal Studios and Disneyland and found out how they really were made, he was disappointed lol