Saturday, July 14, 2012

Only to Behold

Every one was taking pictures of this the day after it happened, at the Kamloops Ramada Inn.
Two birds flew into a window and left their mark.
They told us that this happens often as the birds do not see the window.
Then they have to pick up their dead bodies down below.

My husband laughed at my believing the story, saying this was a stencil because it was just too perfect a design
but he was reassured that it was the real thing.
It looks almost angelic and as we were eating the most fabulous of breakfasts, compliments of the hotel,
two more birds just avoided the window.

Kamloops Ramada Inn , I have to say, has a wonderful Chef.
I don't remember ever eating a salad as good as I had here
and the chili prawns were above par.
They heard my husband liked liver and mentioned it when he walked into the roof patio
restaurant. My husband was impressed news traveled so fast.
So he ordered it with mashed potatoes and licked his plate.
Rarely does this happen, where my husband is concerned.


We sat enjoying the fabulous view of the mountain range, enjoying a good glass of Merlot and the company of wonderful people we met up there enjoying what we came up there to see.


The sun set.

This is the place where the two Thompson Rivers meet up,(The north and the south) giving it the name
thus the City name, Kamloops

This is a map of Kamloops

We circled where the Ramada Inn is situated

Kamloops is surrounded by mountain ranges such as this.
There was a forest fire somewhere nearby so the mountain range had a foggy look to it as well as
36degree C heat. Many houses are built atop such humps and I envy the view they must wake up to every morning and be put to sleep to every night.
The locals told us this was the first time in years they had so much rain in spring. Otherwise everything would have looked drier. Can you imagine the mountain breaking down with so many homes atop?

In winter it goes down to minus 30 and they get 3 feet of snow.
This gives Kamloops  the advantage when it comes to tourism because they are in the center of
many things for people to do.
The area has many snow activities in winter as well as horseback riding, swimming,  fishing, camping an art center etc....
The city is large enough to be a modern one with tons of shopping with good buys.
There is a wide mixture of old and new and this really is what makes a good city, when they preserve the old.
The heritage and the nuts and bolts of a city should never be destroyed.
The restaurants have very good food for the fussy clients, many of which are now old but still groovy people.
The streets are full of mopeds, electric motorcycles as well as Harleys.
Harley Davidson is very popular out here.
Many very friendly Native Americans live and work here .

The Pride in our Heritage can be seen everywhere!

They have many churches in Kamloops but I was surprised to find a Catholic Ukrainian one.

While looking for a place to eat they closed the main down town road for a festival, so we didn't get to the main restaurant area because of the parking problem and decided to find another place to eat.

We got to see many beautiful wall murals such as this.

And restaurants such as this.
I love Kamloops!!  :)


SandyCarlson said...

Kamloops looks like a great place. The dove image is amazing.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy. It was a great place to visit.

Akelamalu said...

The bird imprint looks lovely but it's sad some poor bird was hurt in the making of it.

Kamloops looks fabulous.

A Lady's Life said...

akelamalu - Yes unfortunately birds don't see windows .At that speed, It's a wonder the glass was not broken

Diana said...

I was with you, the bird on the window looked stenciled! What a beautiful view. You're very lucky to have such a pretty place to visit! With good food to boot!!
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diana - It wasn't a stencil.
There is another bird on the right hand side that hit the window at a different angle and only one wing showed up.

On the nice one you can see the head being smashed sideways. It's quite dusty out there with the dry climate so the birds left wonderful imprints.

Kellie said...

Your pictures are just gorgeous! What a great place to visit!

A Lady's Life said...

thanks kellie