Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach Life

Here we see a house surrounded by a wall and in front of it piles of rocks and tree trunks.
Sometimes the waves hit the shore very hard so I guess some one piled up all this stuff to stop it.
It looks very sad that here you have a perfectly good beach and water front property, and it can't be enjoyed properly.

Now why would anyone build these homes so close to the water this way without knowing the problems that would occur.
It's just plain bad planning aimed to make money, without a care in the world about how people are supposed to live there.
It pains me that with all the technology and info out there, within easy reach, people are not trained to think.
Or maybe they are trained to think.
They think, build it bad and you will ensure work for the future by having to do things twice.
Yet the buyer doesn't have that option because repairs are costly.
They repair one thing and break other things so repairs have to continue.
Something like what doctors do today to keep themselves loaded with cash.
Before the hypocratic oath was important and's what the system says.
The system is the new Nero.
Thumbs up you live.
Thumbs die.
Pretty scary.
Makes all the laws we make inadequate because most of what they do is never spoken of and hidden from the eyes of most people.
What they do, how they do, when they do, to who they do, why they do and if all they do is for the benefit of the patient per se, the normal joe will never know the answer to.
All the normal Joe gets is : "We did all we could."
It may even come to the point where the doctors can gang up on you and take away your rights to make a decision for your loved one.
The patient becomes a ward of the state for them to do anything they want to with, seeking no ones permission to do it.
There is no talk of the word freedom or human rights or self preservation.

Sometimes it pays to pay attention to how people build things . If you can have faith in the builder who builds your home, this same sort of faith can be payed forward to other things, such as how people treat people, in sickness and in health, in the systems we all live in.
The systems are only as responsible and accountable as the people who run them are.

Have a good one :)


George said...

People building homes on ocean-front beaches is a big problem here as well. Some homes have been built and destroyed several times, but the owners keep building because they can get subsidized insurance. In some places its hard to find a nice public beach.

Gattina said...

If they build their houses so close to the water, they shouldn't complain when one day it disappears ! Everybody makes his own nest to sit in, lol !

Rob-bear said...

I think you're a bit off on the doctors. Having worked with them through ethics committees for over a dozen years, and knowing what they should do, I have, personally, only seen one doing a bad job. I think your a victim of US scare tactics.

But building too close to the water? Yup. Of course, where I come from, there is an established margin between the shore line and how close you can build, in order to avoid those problems.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob bear -I am not wrong.
I have many personal experiences with family and friends to know what I am talking about.They almost killed my grandmother twice and finally succeeded the third time.Just today I met a family and they refused to operate on the Mother because of her age. She had a blocked colon. She was 89. but if she was healthy otherwise, she could have survived and gone home. Family must always be vigilant when a loved one is ill.
My Mother, they destroyed her brain by overdozing her with parkinsons pills.My Father they cut his hand across and cut all the nerves instead of vertically the way they were supposed to. etc......
and the saga continues.
I recently broke my wrist and they fixed it well but in the end I ended up with a wrist that needs operating on. So the job has to be done twice rather than to be done right the first time with the right cast. Nope. We have a system and it is misused and this is why we are in trouble.Today doctors are like mechanics
If you find a good one, better keep him. lol

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - so true but if you build them higher so the waves or rising water goes under them or put a high wall... I mean Holland is below sea level. But so far so good even with bad weather.

A Lady's Life said...

George - lately even building on dry land doesn't help with the weather changes. lol

A Lady's Life said...

George - lately even building on dry land doesn't help with the weather changes. lol

Cristeen said...

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Rob-bear said...

Well, your experience is quite different from mine. And I have some serious ethical questions about some of the things you share. Not questions about you, but about the doctors.

Mama Zen said...

I've never understood why people build so close to the water like that!

SandyCarlson said...

You and George have me thinking. Indeed. Why can't we let the oceanfront be and share it? When people build like this, the ocean becomes private property.

Diana said...

Similarly, I've always wondered why people here, build homes in a known flood area. I don't get it.
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear- So do I. If I didn't see these things with my own eyes I'd never believe them either. I spent many a year in hospitals with family members. Today I fight for morals ethics and values which many people scoff at.Without them, systems and laws mean nothing.

Rob-bear said...

You are so right-on about fighting for peoples' lives, really.
I think doctors are under continual pressure to help health regions save money.
We had a doctor put the same idea in a piece of regional policy about letting doctors decide who they would, or would not, resuscitate. I fought that virtually to the ground, but got fired from the Ethics Committee for what I did. However, others have taken up the concern, and it will not be approved.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear - I am sorry to hear that.

You see many things in the geriatric ward which would not happen if people took care of their old but today the young don't want to. So unless you take care of yourself, God help someone ends up in hospital with family or hospital staff that wants to see you dead to have a bed.
I told all my families doctors your job is to save people.Death is Gods' job to decide. It's not your job to count money. What is worse is that they will discriminate against a healthier older person, in favor of a younger one, ex. a drug addict with no chance to survive over 40-50 years of age or a person who refuses to quit smoking and is infested with cancer which will never leave because he will continue to smoke or an alcoholic with pancreatic cancer who refuses to stop drinking.
What is even scarier is that psychiatric neurologists have so much power so as to have the ability to take the loved one away from you, so you can't decide what they do to the patient or the body.
They can do anything to it. Give a living body to students to come practice with at night like they did with my grand mother.
We shrieked. She died 3 times during the night and then got better real fast and went home to live another 10 years because we caught them in the act of torture.She was told not to come back cause next time she won't be so lucky. The doctor meant it in a sincere way because he knew the system.
If a person is as they say, dying, then why go in through the throat and dig and cut inside for samples without family ok ing it?
So they now have 6 doctors working together for support.
Without ethics and morals people become live bait for science.You will never be able to get to the truth.Very dangerous all this.