Monday, April 2, 2012


Walk this land with me
Feel the softness of her mossy floor
Smell the pine covered roads of nature
Leading deep in to Gods' Land, so pure and strong.

Show me lush green pastures
Feed me words that I so yearn
Touch my heart so I can feel it
Love me, so I believe it's real.

Hold my hand in trust for me.
Let me sleep in blessed peace
Wake me, to a glorious dawn
Away, from divine warriors songs.

Walk, this spiritual land with me
Befriend, every grass and tree
Rock my soul in heavens' wind
Feed me words, in silent swells.

And one day, I shall be full
Knowing , reverent, touched by grace
Glad of peace and love and grail
From my last supper, at your table.

No longer hungry
No longer frail.
No longer weary
Sad nor pained.
I'll walk free, on my faiths' path

And here my love, is
Where we shall meet
In Gods' land, we'll stand and

A Lady's Life.

There's a new garlic diet going around. You don't lose weight, but you look thinner from a distance. - Red Shea

The most pitiful case in psychiatric history concerns the two-faced woman who talked to herself and tried to have the last word.

I nearly got mobbed yesterday. I went to an antique show and said, "whats new?"

Have a good one :)

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