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This is White Rock , BC
As it can be seen, this rock is why the place is called White Rock.
Its sorta like a small city bordering the waterfront of the United States.
Lots of people come here in summer for the shops, restaurants and to sit and enjoy the view of the ocean.
They spoiled it by putting a lot of parking meters and unless you want to walk a steep incline uphill, there is no other place to park So we dont go there anymore. The RCMP is quick to ticket you for being 5 minutes late.
No one needs this pressure on the beach.

We spent many years walking this pier playing with the crabs and catching them as well.
The kids loved to jump off the end of the pier, late in the afternoon when the tide comes in.
And boats are parked behind the rocky bed made to cut the waves.
On the other side is Blaine and more beaches to sit on . There is a marina on the border where you can see seals sunning themselves and once we were sitting in the boat, and we saw a few killer whales. The waves can become quite big here.
It used to be an easy border crossing for older people. You drive through, they ask you where you are going. You say to get gas or to do shopping and they say have a great day.
Coming back is the same because people were honest and declared when they had to. Now things all changed because new people came and turned our countries into a zoo.
And we can't say NO.
By the border in White Rock we also have an Indian reserve and it's usually quiet. The people are very nice.

We don't live near White Rock.
Yesterday we went shopping for groceries and came to our car to load.
This seemingly American Indian Man came over to ask us if we had money for him to get to White Rock.
I guess his destination was to get to the Semiahmoo Indian Reserve.

We have a law that it is illegal to solicit for money because too many were in parking lots begging and annoying people and here is this tall middle aged man, all banged up,looking non too healthy, asking for money. My husband told him we have no money.
With our social services they should not have to ask for money and learn to budget like every one else does.
We saw him eying my purse which was in the cart, debating if he should steal it or be arrogant enough to tell us to look into my purse for money. Now it was becoming a little stressful because we could see him coming out with a knife. Desperate drug addicts do this. Instead he decided to ask if he could take our cart which is supposed to have a loony (one dollar) in it to use so people return their carts after shopping.
I never leave my purse in the cart. It usually is the first thing I put into the car but with my husband pushing the cart I got distracted and this is when bad things happen.

My husband becoming annoyed by this time, said no because we have a special token used just for carts. You have to buy this cart token and then you never worry about not having the right change.
People were coming into the parking lot now and he saw he couldn't get away with my purse.

So he went away and my husband grumbled saying there is going to be more of this going around pretty soon. No one will be safe anymore especially in shopping centers.
He heard my husband commenting and almost came back to fight.

Well this fell right into my blog of yesterday of how drugs will affect people and the quality of life
for every one. Especially with road rage.

Drugs should never be legalized.
People should work for less social services and more for jobs so people get themselves out of ruts and begin feeling respectable and self reliant.

That's the best way.
Now I have to go to the Superstore and tell them to put security in the parking lot so beggers don't attack people. This isn't the first time something like this happens there.The last time was an old woman crying begging, saying if she goes home with nothing she gets beaten. So now we will have laws passed to protect the elderly from abuse.
I gave her 10 dollars and next time I was there she came to ask for more. The time before that it was a young man also needing bus fare for two people He got 12 dollars from me and went to White Spot to have lunch. White Spot is an expensive place to eat for a man with no money. The time before that was a man who needed diapers for his girlfriends baby.The time before that was a man who needed propane for his gas tank. He was a transient with no car. The time before that our new truck was broken into and being hot wired to be robbed for part resale.
You can't keep being a good Samaratin like this, being financially abused every time you go out.

Now it was mentioned about how many jobs would be lost if the prisons closed down.
The last thing on my mind is prisons.
We will not have enough prisons to hold a nation of people if every one is high and ill and attacking God fearing people who have their act together trying to do the right thing.
We live in a beautiful nice clean country and we used to be safe here.
Fraud, corruption, drugs and violence
leaves the door open to either military dictatorship, anarchy, or invasion.

No country can avoid this from happening if the people don't willingly obey laws passed which are good for every one. We did well with give a little take a little but now its becoming so the ones you give a little to, have more rights and privileges than the ones who give a little.
Ask any drug addict if he had to do it again, would he do it different and every one of them says yes.
At first it's fun, like drinking and then the fun gets out of hand, people get hurt and innocent victims die like maybe your grand children.
No one needs to pay into healthcare and social services if they legalize drugs and be of the opinion that every man stands for himself, makes his own decision to either live or die.
I always fought for life because I know people care about theirs but if they don't.....
The people who take drugs made the decision to die the day they take them as do people who smoke cigarettes full of arsenic and cyanide.
But society has to pay to save their lives and after a throat operation, they go out the next day and smoke through the tubes in their throats. So what do we pay for if people do not understand not to smoke.? Then we have young Mothers, who care about their lives, who have to die because of the ones who don't care about their lives enough to stop doing things which kill them, eating up the resources and financial support.
The whole purpose of our countries is to promote freedom and democracy through laws to make it a nice place to live. Instead people come with hidden agendas to rob pillage and destroy from the inside out.
Fun and parties have replaced learning and stagnated industry. We give everything away until there is nothing left to give and then we will eat each other, as history shows over and over again.
Europe is a prime example of overspending. England was very smart to stay out of the Euro dollar plan. You can't keep spending and creating band aid solutions, because these things keep growing and now affecting the whole world.

So we have bad men, like Steven Harper, trying to stop this and these kind of videos have to be seen for what they are. Lies.
Reins have to be pulled in and no one likes the word NO.
Our country stands as a defender of men but if we are being corrupted from the inside, this is a disease and it must be curtailed. Otherwise, even to go shopping for groceries will become a challenge like the one which could have ended badly for my husband and myself yesterday.Criminals today have no soul. They believe in vicious behavior against their victims because they are high.
This is not the first time and this will not be the last.
People used to taking, do not like the word no.
It's insulting to them just as it was insulting for our immigrant parents who came to this country to ask for help. People built this country because of good work ethics, not hand outs.
The more you give, the more they will ask for, so then no one has the need to work.
People work to support their own families, not to support drugs.
Have a good one.:)

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