Friday, April 27, 2012

Oy! I Just Wanna Have Fun!

Clinton will forever be known as one of the most entertaining Presidents. lol
He even upstages President Barack Obama and looks non the less for wear.
Now seriously folks!
Do you guys actually know what sex is? asks Clinton.

Why is it ok for some and not for others especially when the hotels are full
of companions who are basically hired to please you.
It's a dangerous world out there lol
I'd be angry at the hotel more than I'd be angry at the service men.
They know what goes on there but then the secret service should have made sure the hotel cleared it
of  this dangerous element preying on tired men with innocent families at home.
These are women who prey on men.
Men are prey and nothing more.

Remember what Clinton had to do?
He lied under oath to protect his wife from humiliation and learned nothing today is a secret.
Today, they even force you to put a smart electric meter and charge you triple the amount
so they can know everything you do in your house.
How many lights you burn, how many tv's you run, how many stoves cook, how many elements you have on your counter. How many computers you run. How many times the toilet lights go on.... and who knows what else?
Nothing is secret today and these women will make plenty to find themselves on the front pages of newspapers, cause people want to know lol

Well ... ho hum.
I guess people can't wait for the next step in history for virtual sex to come to be.
That should please everyone and be legal.
Have a beautiful day!


George said...

Thanks for the smiles this post provided.

Akelamalu said...

He lied to protect himself more like. LOL

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome George :)

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - I guess a little of both.
but if she worked there the lie was worse than the act because when people sit and work long hours, every one knows there could be booze and a little hanky panky involved in an adult world.
Presidents are especially prone to womens advances. I think the way to stop this sort of thing is not to leave the President alone at any time or put him behind glass

Gattina said...

All European countries found disgusting what America has done to Clinton ! It was really a shame ! His wife had forgiven him since a long time and all these prudes and bigots insisted. They enjoyed it!!

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - America attacked him for not telling the truth under oath.
Had he done so it might have been easier on him. But this is politics.
The oval office is not for having sex in lol but they are supposed to have security cameras every where so I don't know why they had to ask They should just look at them.
Then there were a lot of other Professional women that came out to say he had fun with them a well.
The President is a good target to get free advertising.
Can you imagine how many people came to them for their services after finding out they had a President of the USA??
You are right. It is disgusting. The whole thing is but he lived through it and some people still love him while others hate him as to be expected.