Sunday, April 29, 2012

Iona Beach, BC

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Close to the Vancouver International airport runs a peninsula used as a park and beach area.
Iona beach is sorta like most of our beaches, mud in the day time waiting for the tide to roll in and then you sit by a true waterfront, although I wouldn't recommend swimming there.
On a beautiful day it is full of bikers, lovers, old people and families having picnics, reading a book, enjoying the peace and quiet.
Canada Geese stroll by your noses and the air is full of mockingbird and chickadee songs. The area attracts hippies and we were able to find many Volkswagon Vans sporting hippie designs all over them.
The marsh was full of cat tails and weed plants which bloom beautiful yellow flowers in spring.
We could see in the horizon what I believe to be Cypress ski mountain. Most of the snow has already melted in the mountains. I have to check because only Mt Baker in Washington never totally melts and it take 8 hours to climb this mountain by car, or so they say lol
This beautiful girl, astride her magnificent steed, walked by and out into the ocean where she let the horse run a bit.
It was so well behaved and knew the course he should go and return on. He was a huge horse and I felt envy for this young lady looking so petit on this gentle giant :) They returned to this old riding stable not very far away.
I took a shot of a few Canada geese which I can now say are mine since they didn't run away.

You don;t have to go far to enjoy the country side in BC.
There is still very much a wild side still in existence and you wish they would stop building so people have a place to go nearby without having to search deeper into the country side disturbing nature, needed for the wildlife.
Hope you all enjoyed your week end
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Gattina said...

What a lovely place ! Yes sometimes we forget to see beautiful places near us and go far away !

Akelamalu said...

It looks lovely! We are blessed to live close to some lovely countryside, just wished we lived nearer the sea. :)

George said...

Iona Beach may not have a sandy beach, but it still looks like a wonderful place to visit -- especially when the tide is in!

Mama Zen said...

Love those vans!

Diane said...

Wonderful, beautiful place! Those of us here in land-locked Alberta are so envious! Sounds like a perfect day!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi - it looks wonderful - I've only stopped over in Vancouver and one day would love to spend some time there .. looks great - cheers Hilary