Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vicky Westra

I hope all my blogger friends are enjoying a beautiful week end.

I have a blogger friend Vicky Westra.
She is a beautiful woman, with a heart of gold, with two fine boys.
I have been following her for a while now .
She has been stricken with breast cancer and every one knows
how heart breaking this is, especially between children and Moms.

Vicky Westra has been picked for a pay it forward contest which if she wins, she will get $5,000.00 dollars to pay for her cancer treatments.
All she needs is people to go to their face books and click on the link she gives.

It would be greatly appreciated if some of you could find it in your heart, to take a few minutes
to vote for her cause, as she has a few other people competing for the same $5,000.00 dollar benefit.

You will find her on the right hand side of my blog and the one titled We were picked is the one
with the information.

Thanks for all your help and kindness in advance.

Have a good one.:)


SandyCarlson said...

I am sorry about your blogger friend. That is challenge.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Sandy .

Russell said...

I enjoyed reading your Happy Easter post and the jokes - always fun to read.

Yes, I am sorry, too, about your blogger friend.

Have a very Happy Easter. I hope the weather is nice in your part of the world and you can get out and enjoy the day.

I always enjoy stopping by for interesting reading. I appreciate the time you put into your blog.

Take care and, again, have a great day tomorrow.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Russel :)

Vicky said...

Thank you so much Vic, I so appreciate all the effort everyone is making to help spread the word and garner some votes! Thank you, thank you friend! Your kindness means everything :) I hope you had a lovely Easter!

A Lady's Life said...

You are very welcome Vicky.
I only wish I could do more for you.
You are a lovely person.