Friday, April 20, 2012

A Dumb Blondes' Legacy

We will never know what happened to this actress after she began to flirt not only with success but in politics.
It got her into a postage stamp and stamped into eternal history books.
It got her associated with the President of the United States
Marilyn Monroe
 Changed herself into a beautiful butterfly
She bedazzled the world with her talents
But like all beautiful things
They come to an early end.
The world is cruel with its wants and desires and
To live in such a world, is very lonely and
Dangerous, since we are lead to believe in a false sense of security

"People change so you can let go
Things go wrong so you can appreciate it when they go right
You believe lies till you learn to only trust yourself
Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together."

We all know these quotes to be part of a life truth
On the micro level but when looking at the whole picture
People never change or let go
Issues we fought about in ancient times we still fight over
If this doesn't make you think that maybe there is a right and a wrong, then what will?
Things always go wrong and sometimes wrongs force people to believe they are right
Lies will always be lies no matter what you or other people believe or make it out to be.
Good things never change. They are exchanged for bad things. and it becomes our loss
Problems in our world never change.
It's a constant fight that goes up and down in waves as
we try to find our way.The old people depart and the new and still uneducated replace them
and it begins again.
It takes a long time to educate a man and just when he finally learns its too late.
All he can do is leave behind a legacy explaining himself to people by how he lived and what he believed in.

A legacy of peace or violence.
A legacy of vanity or self less ness.
A legacy of lies or of truths.
Everything we do becomes what we are
and that's a lesson people relearn in every life time.

We see legacies clearer on roads less travelled but on the main road they are also made every day.

What has changed from ancient Empire builders?
Before, we had men led by kings, die in bloody battles
In some places this is still the case
Today, mans' world is led by systems which quietly transgress borders.
They are not seen but control our basic needs for survival:
food water and shelter.
Systems bedazzle us into thinking we have changed but
our security as a people is in danger every day
The world is a cruel place and to be a survivor
is a lonely journey.
In the end Marilyn said
"You believe lies till you learn to only trust yourself"
This is the smartest thing she ever said and
The legacy she left for us to follow.
Who'd a thought it came from a dumb blonde :)
Have a great Day!


George said...

I wasn't familiar with this quote from Marilyn Monroe. Thanks for another thoughtful post.

A Lady's Life said...

Marilyn, George, was a smart woman.
She changed herself into becoming an attraction for men because she understood men liked the empty headed blonde, with the soft touch, type. With this she was able to hook onto macho men like John Kennedy and get herself promoted in show business.
Every one liked Mrs Kennedy for her soft spokeness as well.It was a sign of breeding and good manners.
Although her journey was a tragic one,she managed to learn a few things, as well as leave us a legacy of a few well thought out lessons she learned in life.
Today we listen to and hear so many things and most of what we are fed is not what it seems.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Saturday Beautiful friend.

I absolutely love this sentence!

"You believe lies till you learn to only trust yourself"

You ALWAYS give me such insight into my inner self and I appreciate YOU!

Love for a great weekend!!!!

I have to work, but I still get to stop by and say hello to you.

Hugs and prayers,

Diana said...

I sometimes wonder if Marilyn was actually smarter than we were led to believe. I always felt that she was a people pleaser and in the end just couldn't keep herself happy.
This world is going in strange directions. I just sit back and watch it all happen. Maybe not as proactive as I should be but it is what it is. I no longer have faith in our leaders. All I can do is keep my family going as best that I can.
Thank you Lady's life for all of your great ideas for my tool box. I've received some really good idea's which is confusing me more!
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you butterfly.
Marilyn should be given more credit for the person she was and not just for her bleached blond hair lol

A Lady's Life said...

Diana - she had to be smarter because she knew how to remake herself into a successful person.
That in itself is talent.
We also learn more about the person after death.
You can't play with sharks and not expect to be bit but if you are bit, you have to be strong to survive.
I think she bit off more than she could chew.

Gattina said...

In my opinion there are far too many men in leadership jobs ! With more women we would have a better world !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I think so too lol
But then look at the Iron Lady Maggie Thatcher. She had to be a man to survive all the men around her.
She was a great Lady.