Wednesday, April 4, 2012

People - The Bottom Feeders.

-- Some people say money is the root to all evil.
Is it?
It is, if it is used as a tool against mankind,
instead of as a tool for mankind.

This is why they say guns don't kill. People do.
Guns are a tool. Knives are a tool. Glass is a tool. Car engines are tools. Saws are tools. Drills are tools. Shoes are tools. Your fist is a tool. Your brain is a tool.
All tools, can be used for evil.

Today money is used by powerful banks and corporations as a tool against mankind and it causes a lot of ripple effects, as everyone tries to cut corners.

If you don't get your money on time, for work already done, you can't pay bills on time.

If you can't pay bills on time, the corporations pretend to flip out and begin to take things away or charge double, irrespective of the fact, that it is because of them and their rules, that your money doesn't not arrive on time. lol

People are the bottom feeders. They are the last ones to get paid but the first ones to be taxed.
And we are quickly finding out that we have no government or unions that can protect us
from fraudulent practices that is called business today.

People can't balance a check book today because of the unstable conditions we live in, as separate individuals.
Times are different from a few years back, when people knew who you were.
A hand shake was all you needed back then.
Families were ashamed to ask for help from social welfare. Today they say, why should we work when we get more from not working.
Sitting on welfare and earning under the table money with drugs, can make you tons of money to give your children, for a new house, a new car, an education. Things you can't do as an ethical, loyal, tax payer.
We had a young woman Laura, beaten to death by a bat, by a boy from a very nice family, for nothing. He didn't even know her.
Every one was outraged. This young girl's Dad is affiliated with the Hells Angels who sell and kill for drugs. Don't be surprised to hear, when this young man comes out of jail, he will be killed to avenge the death of this mans daughter. No one asks, how many of our children, the Hells Angels are responsible for destroying every day? Did their drugs, affect the young man, who killed one of their own?
It's irrelevant.
Today, no one cares, where money is concerned, and this is why Religion is hated, because it forces you to care.
Religion forces you to live with your conscience. Money lenders would walk around and ask people what they could afford that week, to pay them back and people would pay, if only a penny because there was a lot of honor and good will between people, not contracts.
Lauras' Dad said he hoped the boys family feels the grief he and his wife were going through.
He did not stop to think that maybe this was meant to happen to his family to save him, from doing the things he was doing to other people and their children. That's a taboo subject.

Religion forces business to be based on Christian values instead of the cold hearted unChristian unforgiving way it works today.

Bad business forces people out of their homes. Banks don't work with you. It's not in their interest to have the house sold. They want the property because prices can be raised on it and more people forced out of them and their money taken away.
Like the stock market, there is always another fool who will buy. Always another fish to be fried.

In fact, they don't really care about the house either. Theoretically it could stand on wheels and be a moveable, because then you can take it with you and put it somewhere else where it is affordable to live. or drag it behind you, wherever you go like an RV. lol

Business today, doesn't care if your countrymen have jobs or not. They'll suck you down to the bottom of the barrel if you let them.

They don't want to see a corner baker or a shoe maker, or a dry cleaner or Ma and Pa stores that benefit a community.

They want to see people dependent on them, because if you are dependent on them, for your basic needs, they can use you and enslave you to do their will.
Business is taken far far away where you can't reach it or have a say in how it's run.

You are not allowed to go to the farmer next door to buy milk because if you pay him, he can lose his farm. He isn't allowed to sell it to you for health reasons and yet big trucks come and haul all this milk away somewhere to process and then you buy milk not knowing where it came from, what the cow ate, and pay triple the price for the service. From 98 cents milk, costs 5 dollars today for a gallon. All, prices jumped from nickel and dimes to 4.99 for one family meal.
Chicken used to taste good. I remember my grandmothers soups and how the chicken smelled in the pot as it cooked. Today there is no smell. Today you add smell through spices.
Today you get sick from eating chicken.

Big business men, destroy small business and use lawyer students, who have to pay off their tuitions to do it.
They hire them to kill the chickens, that supported them, when they studied.

I hate reading contracts today because they are all legal and prewritten for the side of unethical business practices. Banks are the main culprits. Credit companies are second. Businesses third. The lawyers be it yours or theirs, do not tell you what contracts don't say and this is what is of interest to you.
Shrek signed one of those. lol He wanted the respect of being an ogre again and didn't see the harm of signing a day out of his life to become one such ogre , would ruin everything he cared about. Today one signs contracts under duress because there is no other way to be had.
Anything signed under duress is illegal.
What person in his right mind wants to sign contracts today???
The judge knows and doesn't care.

There are always hidden manoeuvres already designed for after contract signing, to extract money out of you to put/keep you into a financial unbalanced state. Most of these contracts inclusive of mortgages, should be held null and void because of nondisclosure that they were written with the intent to bleed a customer out of his asset.

Why would a person ask for a mortgage if he had money? If he doesn't have money, how is it, making things more difficult for him to pay, the customers' or the banks or lessees interest? So mortgages are not there to help you or to buy you a home. Credit is not there to help you buy a TV set. Try to buy a car with cash today. They don't want your money. They want you to buy on credit. This is where they make their money.They want you to have constant needs for a car otherwise they will not be able to sell many cars.

Local businesses you used to buy coats from, prided themselves in their work, to make coats that were warm and lasted. Today coats and shoes don't last. The material they are made from either keeps you cold or makes you sweat. There is no one to sue either because what you buy comes from places out of your jurisdiction.
Telephone companies hire people in India and the Philipines. No one cares the number is abused by crooks calling your number, harrassing you, torturing you by having to listen to the phone ring all day from other countries. They used to care.

Gas companies don't care whose bills they force you to pay. They go to the judge, he stamps a piece of paper without knowing what the problem is and it's sent to a collection company and the customer is left with the costly burden of proof, that a mistake was made.

Are people allowed to put a judge in jail for such negligence? Accepting a complaint from a company that doesn't care about how it handles its' business or its clients?

Gas companies had people walking door to door getting people to sign 5 year contracts to save money on gas prices under false pretenses, pretending to be reps of the gas company you buy gas from. Every one in the business, knew this was happening, especially the gas company.
People innocently signed and now pay double for gas.
Judges don't care there was a fraud committed. They support the criminals.

Electric companies made you buy expensive light bulbs that are not good for you to save on energy costs and then raised their electricity prices anyway. So now you buy unhealthy bulbs, pay more for them, as well as the

They told people to conserve water. So the water company lost money because people obeyed and did a wonderful job. Were the people rewarded? No. They were fined for using a bit more water so they didn't and now the price of water went up anyway, because the company lost money. So in effect, every one now is fined for being good.

They never tell you the contract you signed will be put onto a shylok lawyers' desk who will keep investigating you, invading your privacy, use friends working inside banks to illegally supply them with info, looking for ways to make you lose both your asset and your money. You couldn't prove it anyway.
We create systems and then no one cares how the system is misused. Systems today are designed to abuse the bottom feeders,
the very people who support them and for who they were designed to protect. If they don't protect you, this is corruption and fraud. Law is illegal, if it not used to promote good.

No wonder our kids are being raised confused. We make such big issues about bullying without understanding or caring about the underlying causes as to why this is.

They don't tell you, you have to pay lawyers to defend yourself , each time they haul you in for some stupid thing. The aim is to keep you unbalanced, so there is no way for you to collect money to pay off a mortgage. You could have 5 people working and they will still find a way to get you out of a house. In fact they teach you to flip houses for profit, to ensure the prices go up.
If you are smart, you will howl with the wolves and flip it before they take it away from you anyway, but then the money you make, is worthless because you will be forced to buy some one elses' flipped house. lol None of these houses are worth the money. It's just on paper.
Should not business then be accused of lies?
Not in court. The Court doesn't support the 10 Commandments.

Business calls it guarding their self interest. But should they not check things out before a contract is signed?
Isn't this bad business for a bank or lesee, to check things out after a contract is signed?
Why is a customer good a week before a contract and bad two weeks after?
CEO's get millions for this manoeuvre and judges support them instead of putting them in jail.

Isn't it bad business to shake a persons hand to congratulate him on buying a house when in fact the house was never sold and is never really out there to be sold? This is fraud.
Not in court.

Isn't it wrong to get a contract to build something in good faith and then not to be sued, to subcontract someone else to do a cheaper and bad job? Isn't it wrong to get something into shape just for the inspector and then take everything out after the inspection, before selling to a buyer ? Not in court.
Ask a lawyer and he never answers the question. Instead, he shockingly tells you his assets are protected and you can't sue him. This means he knows he does wrong. Otherwise why was the question asked not answered?

Bad business is seen every day, because people do not believe in morals ethics and values.
These words are taboo.
Credit companies slyly come to parents and ask them to sign for their children to have a credit card with a limit of say $500.00.
Later , the child turns 18, 19 21 27....they go to the child and ask him if he wants the credit raised. Of course the kid says yes.
He raises it to 5 thousand dollars, leaves home and then goes and spends on it but has no job.
So ........who is responsible for this credit?

The courts say the parent is but the parent isn't. The credit company went behind the back of the parent, the same parent they required to get a signature from to get a kid a credit card, to get a signature from someone else to increase credit, without permission for all signatures on the card issued. They know, you as a parent, will not put your child in jail .
So you will pay........with interest and penalties for something you didn't sign for.
Judges support the fraudulent companies, who otherwise should lose their money for doing this.

This is underhanded, bad business, designed to exploit bottom feeders and CEO's get paid millions to design them.

This sort of business, a judge in a court room should clearly see, is designed to defraud a customer. The judge doesn't help the victim.

Instead, the judge supports the criminal and tells the victim to pay.
The judge ..........supports fraud, not morals ethics or values.

So the teachings in the Bible, do not apply to life today and this is why they took away the Ten Commandments from the front of Justice Buildings.

The Bible concerns itself with the welfare of mankind.
Today mankind is nothing to be concerned about. Business is only interested in what the bottom feeders can make them in terms of money.
Systems took over and systems are corrupted and abused from the inside in the same way the snake used Adam and Eve in Eden.
Pharmaceutical companies don't make drugs to help you but to make you more dependent on them. When one drug, to resolve one problem creates a ton of other problems, you will need more drugs and this means profit.

Charities help themselves, before they help the poor, if in fact anything gets to the poor.
They keep showing you hungry desperate fly covered children to make you feel guilty for living in a home without flies and food on the table.

They don't tell you the money never gets there or that these children will be killed by some other invading tribe because of an unwelcome Christian Organization another religion doesn't want there. The only way to help these people is to take them away, teach them feed them arm them and then send them back to fight for their own causes. But by then, the grown up children do not want to go back.

Priests today, go into the priesthood not because of a calling but because it's a paying job.
In effect, this means, no one needs to be an ordained priest to preach goodness to people and
people do not need to go to church because they will not receive spiritual blessing by holiness.
People who devote their lives to God and live in prayer to keep themselves pure, 24 hours a day.
This is what the church used to represent. You went there to touch upon perfection, purity, holiness, goodness.
Churches do not keep holy people anymore. People are there to do a job and get paid for doing it They do what they are told to say and do, whether they believe in it or not.

The same with teachers. They used to be special people someone you could learn from.Today they are paid and told what to say, how to say it, when to say it and fired if they don't or step out of line saying something they shouldn't. They are controlled people.
You can't be educated by people who are not allowed to educate.
A computer can do their job much cheaper with less words and meetings in a more entertaining fashion. It uses no bad language no drugs and tests are based on pass or fail so no discussions.
Either you do or you don't. It's not unreasonable to believe that it's headed in that direction.

It's not about what teachers believe anymore, through their experiences in life. People are controlled through money. Money is used as a tool against people.

Many students, don't go to school to learn. They say they don't learn anything at school.Of course they don't if they come to school after smoking a joint or some other drug.
People have freedom to do drugs but then expect the bottom feeders to pay for the sick children who can't be taught because their brains are genetically destroyed after they are born.

A bus driver was unable to do his job when an unpaying customer got on from the back of the bus and assaulted him.
The judge rewarded the aggressor, the criminal, saying he was affected by fetal alcohol syndrome. This gives him a right to exist, as a walking time bomb, on city streets.

The good man, the poor tax payer, there to do the right thing, ended up damaged for life as well now and will continue to pay for this mans' right to walk the streets maybe hurting other people.

What the judge should have said was:
I will put a detector on your leg and your parents now are responsible to see to it that you stay in their house until they die. They have human rights to drink and do drugs. Society has human rights to stay safe. He didn't and he won't. He gets paid for chaos. If there was no chaos, he would not have a job.

Politicians go into politics for pensions, not because they know how to help society. Most of the time is spent in useless discussions going no where because each party is interested in themselves, not in doing the right thing for the people. The NDP doesn't care about you. It wants power and will spend money it doesn't have to buy your vote as the Liberals did.

A man standing up saying no to the electorate because in the long run, it's the right thing to do, won't get elected. People with no marals ethics or values, don;t want to hear the word NO.

Unions require a purpose for existence. Otherwise they have no reason to collect Union dues.
Do they care the system they represent, can't tolerate higher costs? No.

Auto Unions are only interested in jobs. They are not interested in the price the car will be sold for. So it's cheaper for companies to buy machines to replace people in automation lines.

All this is just to say...........
The more we fight against Christian/religious beliefs, with regard to morals values and ethics, the more, as a society, we will lose.

So is money the root of all evil?
No. Not in and of itself. Money is good. It makes it easier for you to go to the store and buy groceries, gas, shoes, pay the electric bill. But you should have it to spend and spend it only where it does the most good to support your neighbor.

Money is just a tool but it was shown, by one young man who bartered, starting from a paper clip and ending up with a house, no one really needs a money tool.
If push comes to shove, there is always another way.

As long as you have something, you can barter goods, to get other things.

Would be nicer to be able to pay your banker with back yard chickens, a goat or a pig.
Would be nicer to trade with your neighbor, who takes pride in what he does, potatoes for sugar , eggs for cheese. It's better than buying it from a process you know nothing about that doesn't care about you.

In fact, did you know you can make your own sugar?
And yet no one does.
We buy unhealthy sugar instead, which promotes diabetes.

1) Grate the potato, the finer the better
2) Put into a cheese cloth or thin muslin bag and dip up and down, in a vessel of water, squeezing occasionally,
continue washing as long as the washings are very milky.
3) Allow it to settle five or six hours or until the water becomes clear, pour off; rewash the starch, which will be in the bottom of the
vessel. Stir well, allow to settle again, pour off the water and let dry, keep the same as any ordinary starch.
Use it exactly the same way, as cornstarch in cooking.
By saving the water which the pulp was washed in first, in the starch making process and boiling down, the same as for any syrup, a very palatable, non-crystalline sugar will be the result;
this sugar or syrup can be used in many ways.


So, as can be seen , we don't have to buy sugar, if we grow sweet potatoes.
But no one does things like this anymore.

We are used to business and business is interested in profit and profit, without morals ethics and values, delves into corruption and fraud, which ends up in poor sick people and then everything goes haywire from there.

Business and capitalism used to be run on three words.
Morals Ethics and Values
These words are taboo today because they revert to religion.
These words you will never find in a court of law.
Or in a lawyer who cannot represent you anymore.

As long as these words are taboo, we have to assume, people running businesses, governments, schools and courts, cannot be trusted to make the right decisions or do the right things by people or even run for politics because they care.

One young girl was on holidays in Quebec, when they elected her for the NDP. She was shocked. She said she knows nothing about politics, or issues. She has no knowledge of history, finance, has no values morals or ethics because otherwise she would have been there for the election. And people elected her and will pay her, to do a job she knows nothing about.
The NDP says it's ok she will learn. They will teach her. This means the girl is not representing her electorate but will be told what to do by the party.
This is not why we have elections. We pay our MP to represent and be loyal to the people, not the party.

For every penny business gives to attract your support, there is an angle to get 5 pennies out of you and we give them the power and authority to do this.

People and especially children, are the bottom feeders, there to exploit , as much as legally, one can get away with . We see the strain today as people begin to see we are running out of choices.

We are headed towards becoming a third world country ruled under the same class system we object to in India.
If man is born equal, then there should not be a class system but there is if the rich use illegal means, legally, to earn profits they didn't earn.

If they sell you a house, they should sell you a house and make sure you succeed in buying it.
If the house is not for sale then they should not sell it. This is the way a moral ethical company with values would do it because it cares about families and people.
This is what the Bible teaches people to do.
We have this school problem cities have problems solving. Too many kids, not enough space.
The problem is simple.
You either build a school to support the homes with 50 children each
you build a home to suit at most three children, to attend an existing school able to support only up to 3 children per household.

What you do not do is build a school to support 100 children and then build homes containing 50 children a home. We elect city Mayors and Councillors, who are supposed to understand such things about infrastructure but they don't . They have no morals or ethics or values meaning they do not work for you. They can't see beyond supporting business in their city.
If you don't support business, it will go away. lol

Let it go. No one needs bad business if your intention is to build a good community.

We cannot get to courts today because they have 15 year waiting lists, which means things are way out of hand. For the bottom feeders, this means things will get a lot worse before they get better. ever gets better. If you are not dead before your court appearance day.
Mean while, the rich are enjoying our money and making tons of profit on it every day.

Why live on a penny saved a penny earned, when you know there are no courts and judges are on the criminal side anyway. Scamming 5 million people out of their pennies for a profit is a good thing to do.
One can live well for 15 years and then get alzheimers and when the state comes for you to punish you, they will find no money and an old brainless person they have to support feed and clean in a jail, again on public funds because of human rights.

Something to think about.



Akelamalu said...

You talk a lot of sense.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Akelamalu.

George said...

You've definitely given us a lot to think about in this post. Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Things are changing so fast and people have to pull back fast so as not to lose everything we fought for all these centuries.

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Wow, that was a lot to think about. Thanks for that, and keep up the great work. I'm not even sure how I found your blog, just clicking links, but I am glad I did.

A Lady's Life said...

You are welcome Ron.
I just thought people should understand the consequences of their actions. We live by the ten commandments for a reason . OK we try to live up to them lol Its hard to do but at least we know about them and we raise our children by them But once the kids enter the world, and they pull them in very early today, the world says : Forget about it.
This is wrong. I feel this is something every one needs to think about.
Thanks for visiting.:)

SandyCarlson said...

We really do need to examine how we use all the resources available to us--and to remember that people who dress in suits and ties can be lethal, too.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - I don't know how we can do that anymore.
I only know society has changed quite a bit and its not all for the better.
At least before we began with the same things and later were allowed to make our own decisions. Today the kids are not allowed this privilege. They are brainwashed before growing mature enough to think for themselves.