Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today I grilled some Pacific Saury fish. This is the very first time I bought it out of curiosity but I am glad I did.
It is also known as the annoying fish, sanma, fall sword fish etc..
It is a cheap fish , with a pointy nose, very fatty and tasty.
The Japanese seem to love it.
They say you eat it the day before pay day when money runs out. lol
In England it's used to catch other fish. You can only catch them in fall or winter.
I don't know why it's not popular. Maybe it's because people don't know about it.
I found it to be very delicious and not smelly like Portugal sardines which we love as well.
Three fish for 3.49 Not bad.
You eat it with soy and rice.

It reminds me of the salty Schmaltz Herring. I used to buy which was very fatty and delicious.
We'd chop it into 1 inch slices and marinate it in oil and onions since it was already salty.
Then you'd eat it with garlic bread and mmmmmm.
We can't find Schmaltz herring either. I think its sold in Chicago.
Well just shared a new discovery I made with this fish.
Now I have to go see if there is more for sale.
Have a good one


Akelamalu said...

Never heard of this fish but from what you say I think I'd like it.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - I never heard of it either. It looks a bit like mackerel . It's long thin with a sharp nose.
I never expected it to taste sooo good.

Diana said...

They don't look very tasty but they sound good! I guess you can't judge a fish by it's picture, LOL!!
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - I was very surprised by how good they were.