Monday, April 16, 2012

How To Protect People From Themselves.

Judging from the last summit meeting and by videos such as these, people do not want government to do the right thing by them. They make our Prime Minister look like an evil man.
In whose best interest is it to do this if not the devils?
Who tends to gain here?
Remember, God is out of it. He gave Adam and Eve rights to fight for survival and learn the hard way to do the right thing. To think before they act . Learn not to fall into the snakes' temptation and hypnotic trance he wants man in, to follow his rules, in chaos.

People according to this video, want freedom to self destruct.
They are the guy in the tower, telling lies to themselves and others.
So if they self destruct who will they be taking with them?

Where are the rights of people who reject drugs? Will any be left? Or will we have to continue to pay more and more for their mistakes and die as well?
Is this democracy and liberty we are fed to believe in?
We fight for freedom to make a better world. If it's not better and people enslave themselves through drugs, then what's the difference?
These are lies. Democracy and liberty requires rules, regulations , laws and especially good will, to work.
We don't need bin Laden or Islam to do the job of destroying all us infidels.
All we need are these selfless Liberals, who say everything is ok and make millions, laughing their way to the bank, while watching
people fall over themselves , killing each other for legal drugs.
It makes as much sense as saying invest in China instead of your own country if you don't want to end up poor.
NO! invest in your own country and in your own people.

How is a man, trying to do the right thing, viewed as a man who ends democracy and liberty?
Does not liberty require laws to make it work for every one?
Does it not require a thinking educated man?
How do you think and educate yourself under the influence of some drug?
How do you run a business.? How do you run government? How do you hire policemen to defend you or teachers to teach you, if everyone is high?

What kind of mentality do we have in society today, which fears laws to make living safe, productive, clean, and comfortable?

These evil people, pretend to be our friends, while killing our children, and destroying the fabric of society, piece by piece.

Drugs should NEVER be legalized.

People will not make money out of it but society will have to spend tons on fixing all the broken people, children, lack of employment skills, corruption and fraud in companies by employees who need money to buy more drugs, computer ID fraud, forcing people into poverty through deception and lies.
Literally .......Hell on earth.

There are always those who spoil good things for the rest of the people. That's a fact and they don't care about democracy or liberalism but first to use slogans to instill fear into people.
Look at what this BAD MAN is doing.
He is working to keep you safe.
What a BAD MAN!
Well I elected him to be a leader and a bad man if he is working to stop drugs reaching my children.

This is not a time to be negligent, naive, trusting.......believing that people who say everything is ok, is indeed ok.
Drugs are never ok and our nation should be united behind our Prime Minister Harper with regard to this issue.

Just think of it this way. What is the difference if Mr Harper ends democracy and liberalism for the right reasons, or the people losing it anyway because they will be too drugged up, or walking around with fried brains, in a country with no jobs, and no control over anything?
Is our next generation to be born all defective because Mothers are taught to drink and do drugs?
We feared Quebec separating and then what.... willing give our nation away whole, to someone else because we're too high to care.
We say we can;t give people freedom if they can;t handle it.
That's our reasoning behind not allowing Iran to obtain nuclear energy and yet we want freedom to do drugs, which put our nation into the same category.
Are we to be led by people high and laughing while flipping a switch to kill millions of people?
It's insanity.
Laws are made to protect and defend people. Under these laws man can be free because he is safe to walk the streets, work, play, raise families without ugliness around him.

Our job as a nation, is to protect people from themselves.
We were always defenders of men. We went in to help people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, etc..
and what is our reward?
Passing laws to help kill our own people?
Dull our future? Live in dreamland and escapism?
That's not life!

I am very disappointed to see such things and people supporting them, defending the right to legalize drugs.
Quebec is seen as a racist province but they passed a law just now saying there is zero tolerance for anyone under 21 to have even one sip of alcohol, driving. Of course they will be sued for this but this was the right thing to do and if the judge doesn't see it this way then we have to ask what kind of judges we have? Whose side are they on if not laws to protect man from evil?

This is a good law so now what..... we legalize drugs and let people drive under another influence?
Why do people need drugs?
Should they not look into their lives to see what the underlying causes are for this need?
We never needed them before and now all of a sudden we need them?
Makes no sense at all.

We have to stand united against people who hate the thinking man.
We have a man fighting for our rights to have a healthy brain.
I'd say that's a good fight and Harper needs our support.

Well had my
Have a good one.


George said...

I'm glad you had your say, you've given us many things to think about. I hadn't heard about Quebec's law of zero tolerance for alcohol for those under 21.

A Lady's Life said...

George they just passed it a few days ago.
but other provinces have them already.

SandyCarlson said...

I agree with you! Thanks for this post.

Lydia Kang said...

So much to think about here. There are always murmurings about legalizing drugs in the US (particularly marijuana), but so much resistance that I'm not sure it'll ever happen.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy

A Lady's Life said...

Lydia - This blog is in response to to the last summit meeting in south america.
The people in Canada want drugs legalized We have marijuana everywhere here in BC.
Police are working hard and do many busts for which I personally am thankful for.

Gattina said...

Have you ever thought the other way around ? If drugs were legalized the prisons would be rather empty, the wardens would loose their job, less police would be needed, the cinema would have no subject anymore to make films, it would be an economic catastrophe ! There always will be drug consumers, legal or not legal. It's their own wish if they want to destroy themselves or not. There are still lots of people smoking and still a lot of alcoholics and these are legal drugs !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - this is the wrong thinking. If this is the way its supposed to be then why bother with social programs at all Keep your money and spend it on yourself.
The whole purpose of having a government is to have people UNDERSTAND and support a system which makes for a good life for everyone.This means no cracks for people to fall into. When you raise children you don't raise them to drug traffickers. You don;t raise them to become street walkers and then you raise good kids and evil enters their lives.
Its one thing when they are ready to leave home but now you see 10 11 12 year olds who are being brainwashed and talking like they have masters in philosophy and science degrees when in fact they know absolutely nothing. Then drug companies walk in and make millions giving them shots so they don;t get sex cancer.
Totally unheard of and this is all very wrong. Learn from China and Opium. It doesn't work.