Friday, April 6, 2012

Adam and Eve

As a child I loved reading about how God created a place for his children to live.
It was a beautiful story and I love beautiful stories.
With Faith being questioned every day, I find these stories very useful because they force you to think.
Like for instance:
If God was so controlling, wouldn't Adam and Eve still be living at home forced to doing things his way?
Would God not have killed the snake that trespassed into Eden?
It would have been simpler.
Since the beginning of time, Man looks for things like beauty, innocence, love, truth, justice, peace, etc.... everything God gave to Adam and Eve in Eden and now teaches and yet man hates God or the idea of God.
If anything, I think its because of a sense of loss rather than hate because now we have to deal with Satan.

We blame God for all the wars, all the cruelty, pain and suffering done in his name.
And yet ......God doesn't teach war and fighting. This is what man and Satan teaches.
Except for the 10 Commandments, God doesn't interfere.If he was cruel, he would have killed Adam and Eve and the snake.
It's always Satan that's interfering and teaching people, enticing them to break rules and to hate God.

God was lonely and wanted a family and so he created Adam and Eve and he spoiled them, giving them everything except an education and very few rules to live by but like children, the only rule they had, they broke.
God, I guess, was not used to children breaking things, especially if they are empty headed, so he threw them out of Eden and told them, since you don't like to do things the easy way, get your knowledge and education and learn to do things the hard way.
You'll learn the hard way, that I am right.

Things haven't changed much. Adam and Eve became parents and had disobedient children and through out time we all have/had disobedient children, who want to find themselves and know who they are and more so they want to learn on their own and make their own mistakes.
We as parents, behave like our parents and their parents, after vowing never to be like them lol

We have also had disobedient parents who never grew up and then had children who had to grow up faster, mature faster, to take care of their parents.

No matter how many history books you read, they will always be about conflict. It's always a story about disobedience and people having to learn things the hard way, instead of the easy way, just as God said it would happen.

Why did Adam and Eve break the rule? Why did they not go to their Dad and ask him if it was ok to do what the snake told them to do? Did they fear their Father? Was he not kind and gentle to them? Did they not love him?Or did they think he was a pushover and didn't need to be obeyed?

In todays' world, where children have rights instead of maturity, parents kow tow to their whims, be they right or wrong. When asked why, parents say we are afraid, if we say no, they will leave and we will never see them again.
They don't have faith in their children, to do the right thing.
God , on the other hand did have Faith.
He had faith that children will learn, the hard way.
But they would learn.

God sent Jesus to teach man through a few stories.
And Jesus went back to his Father and told him : You know Dad, it's tough.
They always do things the hard way but eventually they come around. lol

No matter how much we hate our parents growing up, we begin to understand and love them for it when we have our own children.
We see that the only reason the word NO exists is because someone loves us.

The snake on the other hand says yes to everything.
He is entertained watching man hurt himself and punish others in the name of God.
He knows man is gullible and easily swayed and plays on his weaknesses.

Adam and Eve saw no harm in playing with Satan and doing as he asked.
Children see no wrong in playing with fire or putting things into their mouths they shouldn't.
Some get burnt and others have vigilant adults round them who come to save them and teach them the word NO until they understand why.
People don't like the word no until they get burnt.

Children are all little munchkins, but their innocent laughter takes away all your anger and sadness. We watch them sleep at night after a day of doing naughty things.
We listen to their soft breaths and with a sigh,we can't but stop and give them a hug, a blessing and a good night kiss.

We must give God a good chuckle everyday. lol
Secretly, he must be pleased that man tries to learn and struggle to persevere against all odds.
It gives him character of spirit which means there is hope that one day, he will understand and be happy with the knowledge of
what is right and good and see through the veil Satan spread separating man from man and God.

He must also be saddened to see man suffer as he was saddened to see his son Crucified.
He must be saddened he is being blamed for things he has nothing to do with, done in his name.

This planet is not about God.
It's about man and
So how is everything Gods' fault?

If he wanted to be the bad guy like they say he is, he would have kept Adam and Eve enslaved and caged in Eden. Instead, he gave them a chance to learn for themselves that everything is not OK. The word NO must exist,
even for

Have a good one.


Mama Zen said...

Well said!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mama Zen

Magia da Inês said...

Páscoa é renascer.
É ser de novo.
Agora é o tempo de aniquilar a rotina.
Por isso seja de novo!
Feliz recomeçar!
Feliz Páscoa!


SandyCarlson said...

So thoughtful. Happy Easter to you, too!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy :)

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Magia Happy Easter to you as well.

George said...

This is a wonderful, thoughtful, post. I especially like what you say about children needing to learn the meaning of the word 'No' and how they are munchkins.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you George. I love children.
They deserve to be raised in love and beauty in the way it was intended.