Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Warm Your Heart

This is a Pope like  warmer lol
Covers the neck and half the head if need be
as well as the shoulders. Can be worn over or under a jacket.
My son looked wonderful in it. With a robe it would make a great costume too.

This is a simple tuck in for men
Just enough to keep the chill off your back when the wind begins to blow.
My husband is always cold.
Took 2 weeks of nightly knitting to make them both.
Not bad since most of the TV programs were reruns.

Today the husband turned the news on. It's always up setting to watch
but I heard enough to hear the NDP say they want to keep Canada in Quebec.

What they wouldn't do for votes .
They just lie and lie and lie
for power and to destroy the country by keeping people upset.
Evil men running for evil parties.
Then they bankrupt the country and destroy what the Conservative Party saved
and built.
We only have one good leader and one good party in Canada
and that's Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.
It pays to keep this in mind.


George said...

This does look like a neat warmer. Did you make it? It sounds as if politics in Canada are as bad as those here.

A Lady's Life said...

George - people are ugly today.
we were raised with a rounder education than what they teach today.
and this is the result.
If people don't rise up and smell the coffee we are headed toward a bad ending. These politicians are only in for the money and they really don't care about anything .They promise anything and everything for votes and that's why people have to say NO.If they think things are rough now. Wait till you can't buy toilet paper or food in the stores.
No one is going to work for you for free.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes George I made both of them. lol

SandyCarlson said...

They look very cozy! Your son is an excellent model.

Rick Watson said...

We could have used those warmers here today. I froze all day long.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy Yes I am lucky to have him
He's pretty cool about cooperating with my hobbies lol

A Lady's Life said...

Rick I am always thinking about the cold.
It was cold here in BC today as well.

♥ vendy ♥ said...

great piece ^^
kiss and have an happy day

Akelamalu said...

Great ideas!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Vendy

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - it's nice to always use new patterns just to see if you can do them.