Monday, March 4, 2013


If any one wants a dog that doesn't jump on couches and beds then this is a very good and easy dog to keep in the house.She would need stairs to help her reach the bed because the legs are not very strong on Pekanese dogs.
Pinky was friendly and a real little lion dog when it came to telling you someone was around.
We got her from a dear friend who raised pups. The parents came from Australia.
The Dad was soo fluffy one could not tell which end his face was. lol
The Mom looked like Pinky. She always had that baby face look.
My friend also bred cats and hers were also the most incredibly fluffy cats.
My son would love going to her house to play with them.
All the animals loved my friend and no matter how long Pinky stayed with us she still
remembered and loved her owner.
When ever she came over Pinky would be overjoyed.

Looking at her sad little face, one would never know she was also frisky and playful.
It's a dog you can only love.
If you took her outside you had to worry that an owl or something wouldn't fly by and grab her and fly away with her. So off  leash play was not allowed.
In Singapore you could be having your morning swim in the pool with a python and it would be a normal thing. lol
My son went to school one day and they went out into the field for gym.
He almost stepped on a cobra. He reported it immediately and every one rushed to see it busy eating a mouse.
Authorities had to be called in to get rid of it.
Goes to show you  never can tell when your time is up.
I always wondered how the snake shows never worried about the snake biting them but now I think I know.
They bind the vipers' fangs back so they can't bring them forward to bite.
Otherwise I am sure there would be more bites than less.
Kids had a lot of fun playing with geckos and finding little grass snakes and frogs in the back yard.

It's really nice when nature and man can learn to live together like this but those days were ending as more and more buildings got built and new overtook and killed the old.
I am not sure I liked it much. Life was a lot more peaceful the old way.

I would tell people, especially in Malaysia, you don't know what you have here. People from cities and crowds, run to places like this for peace.
Where can you go today where it's so quiet, you could hear a pin drop?
Not many places.



George said...

Pinky looks like a precious companion.

SandyCarlson said...

A lovely pooch!

Adam said...

cute dog

Gattina said...

What a cutie ! It seems that you are quiet nostalgic about Singapore!

To answer your question : yes Gattina means "Kitty" in Italian.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina Those are mystical places . You either love them or hate them.
One thing for sure, you get to understand why some soldiers from Vietnam got lost there and never returned.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks guys. These lap dogs are wonderful.
Just to love and enjoy.