Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alexander Nevzorov's Horse.

This was a beautiful video especially Alexander Nevzorov's part.
This lady learned a lot but nothing more or less than
what an American Indian didn't already know about horses and free Spirit.

You obtain a lot more through love, than through the whip.
People are exactly like horses.
When a person loves you, he will never hurt you and stand by you
He will try to do the right things which means you will need less laws
and there would be less violence.
It's more about understanding than learning.
Understanding is the key word.
If a person does not understand, then no whip or punishment
will turn him into what you want him to be.

Maybe this is also why we don't have many going into science.
Not only is it difficult to get into but most teachers fail students
because they don't have the capacity to make them understand
what it is all about and how it relates to everything around them.
especially space, the unknown frontier.

Horses and animals in general , always try to please the person they love
They try to save the people they love.
We think of them as animals and food but there is so much more to
life and the living.
So So MUCH more!!

The sun is out again today. My Baccara Rose let out a bud and I put coffee grains around
all the flower pots as they have all the nutrients flowers need.
You can also add epsom salts apparently in water.

I will have to put my babies outside soon.

Lately I am looking at the hot springs around BC.
So many to choose from .
 I would love to sit in some hot water surrounded by beauty and crisp cold air, but to get to the ones I like, you have to walk miles to get there or wreck your car to get to one.
 Most of the land they are in belong to the Native Indians.
I think they would have a good business if they rented horses or maybe had people get into a wagon pulled by horses, to get to these places and ran tours and camps to picnic in , under their control so the area stays pristine.
People could enjoy the healing minerals of the hot springs all year round and more tourists would come to visit.
I think it is a great idea.

We have the Harrison Hot Springs nearby that offer nice package deals for seniors and one by Pemberton near Lillooet and one in the Kooteneys which is a lot further away. I think it's easier getting to it from Calgary than from Vancouver.
Then there is one to hike to by Tofino on Vancouver Island.
The thing is, young strong people don't need it as much as the old and the frail who can't reach such places but would benefit from it.

SO..... until then.... Cinnamon and Honey. Yup
A spoon of each in maybe some hot tea three times a day, is a great concoction for a variety of health issues .Rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, cholesterol. being some of them.

Have a great day!!!!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

If a person does not understand, then no whip or punishment
will turn him into what you want him to be.

My Lady, that is so beautifully and painfully true.

LOVE you!
Love the POST!!!!

Happy Early Easter...
I won't see you Sunday!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - you see this is where Christianity is needed.
If you won't do it for yourself , do it for your neighbor or brother or sister. If you are a brother or sister or neighbor, report this person so he/she can get help to understand. If there are no customers, then there will be no need to use the drugs.
Christians should devise other methods to have fun which can't be done under the influence. Maybe ozone rooms would be a good idea for people to relax and hang in.
Every thing can be done through vigilance at the micro level.
Government can't do it for you.
Start in churches, schools, towns , cities, businesses and move on up.Stop doing business with places like Mexico which doesn't check her outgoing products.They need to be responsible for what goes out.
Only we can clean our streets of drugs and save our people of face living in a useless blubbering society and more crime by needy people.

SandyCarlson said...

Such a passionate post about horses. The line, "When a person loves you, he will never hurt you," makes me think we have to think hard about what's going on with people who constantly hurt us.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - Today we have more lost people than ever. Religion teaches the basics about life through stories. Today people are also taken away from literature and philosophy.
It is all about me myself and I.
Many people come here full of hate from other countries. It takes time to change cultures and traditions
like the caste system in India and the Muslim beliefs.
And Christians also try to change religion to suit themselves instead of learning from it.
People do not understand what love is. Love is not spoken. It shows itself through actions and behavior
of caring, nurture,kindness, .. all nice things. Thats not to say people don;t fall and make mistakes but then you love the other person enough to see and know this to also be there to do the same.
Today we are taught if you have to fight then leave. But this fixes nothing because no one learns anything except to leave. It's a short cut to nothing.
Stay. Stick it out and do the right thing. Then you can call yourself an adult and have something to talk about and to teach. In any event, if someone beats you, you have to see that it's not love.