Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zen to Peace

Close you eyes and take a breather.

The Blue Jay has been very busy in the back yard today flying back and forth
 with what seems like very important things to do. It seems very much at home.
Spring is really in the air around my home and the week end looks to be good too hitting 13degrees C
In the US, snow has been hitting so many cities,
One would think that it would be the other way round.

I got some wild flower seeds which they say attracts hummingbirds.
They are a mixture of annuals perennials and biennials and supposedly delightfully fragrant .


I used to have a Hummingbird visit my yard every year and then it disappeared.
It was such a pretty little bird and you can't help but admire it as it works to collect nectar.
A hummingbird nest is smaller than a persons' hand and the eggs are the size of jelly beans
Usually two little hatchlings are found per nest.

Maybe I will be able to attract a few this year to come back to join the Blue Jay
Then I have to see if the Robins will come back . I used to buy and collect worms and put them into my garden. They would mass produce and birds would have many to eat in winter from under the leaves since it is very wet here and hardly no snow.

 I was thinking to make Easter Bread this year.
But no one in my house eats much so I don't know if its worth the trouble
I certainly don't need the calories. lol
My Mom's had mushroom caps and she would put a dough cross on top and this would  have icing and sprinkles on them. No one had one like my Moms' on line.

You have to think life is good when you talk about stopping eating, than what should I cook to eat?
If it wasn't for my son who is always hungry, I would really not need to sit in my kitchen at all except to work at creating unedible things like this.

I got to the point now where I don't miss salt and salt actually doesn't taste good anymore.
I think it's a good sign because I used to thrive on salt.
I couldn't live without it.

Now it's just my husband who can't live without it. lol



Adam said...

I never seen a hummingbird in person before. Would be neat to witness a few.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh yes they are wonderful little guys Adam

SandyCarlson said...

Happy Easter to you! I enjoyed this post.

Gattina said...

We still have very cold weather and no sign of spring !! Difficult to stay zen ! I don't even have taken out my Easter decoration !