Thursday, March 28, 2013

Say It Like It IS

I used to think this guy was a comedian but he sure surprised me with this video.

Our countries sure have changed, as well as the leaders we elect, for the reasons we elect them for.

The public is always misled for votes especially today where votes can be bought.
The wrong people go into politics today for the wrong reasons.
In the past they went in because they cared about the country.
 and about right and wrong. not votes. They trusted the people knew right from wrong.
Today no one cares.
ie borders meant something. North Americans were proud of who they were . Today they create countries within countries. Why does one need "communities" in a country that's multicultural and heterogeneous??
Shouldn't people all live together, carry the same flag, speak the same language and have pride in what the country stands for? Are we not equal under the law as "people"? Do we have to carve a person up into smaller parts, politically??
In Canada our unions did more harm than good and companies left.
They pushed too hard about everything, looking for a reason to justify their existence, to collect  fees.
Unions are supposed to protect wages and ensure safe working conditions but today
they try to take the blood away from the employer who takes all the risks so the employer
creates so called one day salary jobs and then works the employee 12 hour shifts without
time and half for overtime. The employee works because not to do so means he can be replaced by someone who will. Since companies are small and big companies can't afford insurance dental and health care for their employees, Unions don't have control because companies close and leave.
The cars clothes food etc....can't be sold at the prices it costs to make/grow them.
Look at what machines did to the postal service. We have no service, have to really go out of our way to make packages according to specifications and then send less for more money and then it never gets there.

You can't buy truth. You can't change what is right by saying right doesn't exist or is intolerant or is racist.
There is a right way and a wrong way. There is a simple truth.

Now this actor is going to be attacked from all angles for being free to say what lies heavy in his heart.
People should stop instead and then go home and think about it.
ie yes you have a right to smoke .......but should you?
Yes you have a right to have sex........but should you?
Yes you have a right to drink......but should you?
Yes you have a right to abortion......but should you?
Yes you have a right to divorce.....but should you?
Yes you have the muscle to rape.........but should you?
Yes you have a right to take drugs .......but should you?
Yes you have a right to be clever, deceitful for financial gain.
 It's called business.... but should you?
All of the above things you may have rights to but should you do them?
Why are these issues in the political arena? They are personal and private issues.

Doing them hurts not only you but other people especially children, young eyes who love you
and are hurt by you and learn from you and create a person who can be fed off of by other less
caring people and organizations creating more pain and suffering for the whole society.
The only one who speaks the truth and cares is God and he is crucified every day and bothers people and their conscience because they can't deny the truth in his words and in the 10 Commandments.
The truth can never change. It is. That's it.
Why do people want change? Is it change ?
Because people don't understand. They believe for example, that freedom means freedom for each person to do as he/she wishes but it doesn't.There is no such thing as freedom in a civilized society.
As social beings, we have to either commit to each other or kill each other for doing things the other doesn't like. God teaches survival skills in commitment.

I remember the old series Nikita where they took this young street woman and turned her into an educated trained assassin with a lot of rules to follow. She didn't like the rules but then she said you know....... within these rules, I am freer than living the way I did without them.
She understood. She grew up.
Our society is full of immature people with opinions. They know nothing and run to govern others because they can. This is dangerous for any country. You need training to become a good leader. You need to be able to say no.



Anonymous said...

thank you for saying what I feel.

Annie v.

A Lady's Life said...

Annie - it is right to want to unite ones country so it stays strong and free.The old immigrants understood this.

Lorna said...

I have political posts here and there in my blog and am always wondering how many people are reading them because they are anti-Obama.

Zuzana said...

I never understood politics and never will. I would make a lousy politician.;)
I used to watch that Canadian version of La Femme Nikita (with Peta Wilson), it was showed in the US when I lived there, was my favorite show at that time.;)
Happy Easter to you and yours.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna = Obama is just another case where people elected a man who is unproven, who has done nothing to deserve the position he is in.
He was elected just because the party knew people would vote through emotion as opposed to what was needed.The party controls Obama.
In the end it's not the President who has power as most believe.
I was actually glad when the last of the Kennedy brothers died finally. He is another who should never have been there for so long.

We have people here running for things, being elected for knowing and doing nothing except what the party tell them. It's like voting for a God Father. What is the point of elections if we have no one deserving to run for politics?
This is my question.

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - I used to have a high regard for politics and politicians as a kid. They had something to say. Then I heard Paul Martin come on one day drunk, asking any one and everyone what do you want? Anything... just ask. I will do it for you for a vote. So here was a man running for Prime Minister who would sell his soul for a vote.
He will get the vote from who?
Criminals? Druggies? People asking for rights to destroy society rather than build it. Obama made so many promises to a country where people lived on the street. There was no money for anything he promised. So why were they electing him? Was it because The Preacher Wright said he was going to show white people something?
That's hate. People voted for hate.
Obama began to stay away from this guy cause he was bad news but now you need to ask, was he put there by the party so people would vote for hate? So this means they put in a puppet to sit and do as he was told.
Pretty sad I'd say.
By this time in life we should be beyond black and white issues.
It should be just about people.

George said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful post.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome George.