Thursday, March 7, 2013

River Koi

It's nice to have a pond with Koi in them but I'll settle for
 coming and watching these at the nursery.
They are covered with a metal netting which kinda spoils the reason for having them but
then they wouldn't last long with the coons at night.

Seems there is a proliferation of snake fish in North America,
compliments of  a few Asian restaurants and pet owners who find them
to be delicious fish to eat and let a few out into the ponds and rivers.
Catch a few of those to put in your pond and coons would be
history in peoples neighborhoods lol
but then this would mean they are in the local waters and you can't go swimming in them
and risk losing a hand or a leg.
They have big sharp teeth, are vicious fighters and grow big.
They have barracuda coloring, can breath air and even
kinda walk by pushing itself  over land.
One person left it in a container for three days and it was still
alive and good a new.

We even have them in Burnaby, BC

I'll take Koi any time over these. They are wonderful.\ xoxoxoxoxo


George said...

I think I, too, will stick with Koi. They are certainly beautiful.

A Lady's Life said...

I love gold fish George They are so friendly lol

Zuzana said...

Wow, that is like a rat in water.;) Rats can survive all kind extremes, even a nuclear explosion.;) Seems like nasty creatures.:)
Have a great weekend,

A Lady's Life said...

Ya I don't think I'd like to swim knowing this fish is in the water.
We have lovely lakes here which do not need fish like these
South America is full of such nice fish and snakes.
People dive in and never come back out