Friday, March 15, 2013

Cool Hand Luke

“Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”
Erica Jong

I do love taking pictures of this dog.
By nature he is not an alpha dog but don't cross him.
He will tell you what he likes and doesn't like
He loves playing like most dogs do.
He likes his space and quiet time.

He likes to hide behind bushes to watch discreetly,
what is going on around him and because he blends in so well,
you can call him till the seas run dry but never see him.
He'll sit and tease you till you give him a better reason to
unfold the mystery of Beau.
If you have to look for him,
come prepared with a bun or a HUGE
He is no fool. 
I can see his dreams as he plays out a scene of stealth and cunning in his mind.
Ah! if Only to be free to explore, run, and see life beyond the fence.


After doing something he knows is bad, he'll sit out of the way and give you that
Wat's up look. He'll look behind him as if to say : Who Me? You talkin to me??
What did I do? It's the other guy. Then he'd slyly give a nonchalant look in the direction of the crime, as he walks innocently by it. lol
People make comics and cartoons out of animals like this who know how to talk to you with their eyes, expressions and behavior. We called him Beau which is French for beautiful but we should have called him Cool Hand Luke because you will never change who he is. You can't break him from what he is.
Beau will always be Beau and we like him just the way he is.

If there is a commotion in the house, Tanya would join in but Beau leaves quietly and slumps under a table
as if to say Nah, I don't need this crap. I'll just sit here and see what happens  .
Once it's over, he comes
and pesters you to no end for pats. That was fun He'd say as if he were a part of it.
Pat him all day and he'll sit beside you like your best loyal friend until Tanya comes and chases him away.
Then he goes away with the look Jackie Gleason gave his Wife Alice.
One day Alice. One day..... POW!!! lol
but he finds her atrociously bratty and she brightens up his life as she runs around chasing a ball in the house, something she can get away with because of her small size.

I'll never forget how small he was when we pulled him out from under a shed where the Mom hid her pups. He was the second one pulled out, 4 inches long, chubby and curly. I thought, this is a nice pup but my kids
chose another dog to take home. Beau was left outside, was thrown around by the owners kids and rolled around by the chain the Mom was tied to.
Pups never sit and stay where they belong. They crawl around blindly and if the Mom doesn't bring them back they can get lost. Having small bratty kids around never helps either lol
When ever my son came, he'd sit , wobbly and blue eyed and bark at him. He didn't do it to anyone else except my son Alex  as if he wanted his attention.
I told Alex, this dog seems to be choosing you.
My son, being the soft hearted guy he was/is, had a great debate in his heart as to which dog to take.
The one we chose was clean and powdered by us and nursed by her mom and Pablumed.
She was used to being clean.
Alex made sure most of the pups found good homes including the one we chose before taking Beau away from the dirt where the dog house stood. He said one old man actually had tears in his eyes when he was given a little white one. He lost a dog and I don't think he was looking to replace it because it was so painful for him, so when this little one showed up, it was like his dog reborn.He carried it home like treasure.
One pup had a wasp eating it and we took it inside to heal it as well.
We brought it out for the Mom to feed and then back into the house.
I don't know how that one survived.

The Mom ripped off the scab from the wasp bite and left a big gaping hole which then healed up.
The pup survived and then the owners gave away the last two pups to a farm.
My youngest was devastated not knowing where it was taken and that it could still die and it would be my fault because we should have kept it.
We found the farm house and explained the story to the farmers' daughter.
She took Nick inside to comfort his soul.
He came out happy saying Mom they do just like we do at our house.
They give it pablum and he is safe in a nice big box with a blanket inside.The two pups they had were going up North to live in freedom they said , which also was a big plus. What better life than a life lived free?

Taking care of 6 pups all summer was not an easy job. The owners also got ducks and rabbits which the kids kept letting out. Our dog Nugget almost got killed chasing one rabbit onto the road. On the street where we live, the cars speed up when they see animals, so as to kill them.
Then you have to pay for the damage to their car.I always worried one of the kids would run out.
So we had to keep catching the neighbors' rabbits and putting them into a cage.Their dog, the Mom, was a hunter so she took care of the ducks lol
I am not sure the neighbors  liked it when I gave the rabbits in my yard, to another neighbor who had a good decent cage to keep them in and where their kids wouldn't go but if you keep animals, you should be responsible for them.
So our trip back home with Beau and Nugget was long but the pup made it fun. The kids would play with him and he never lost the big bear look, even today. Of course we had to cut off his bushy tail and hair on his legs because it's too difficult to keep clean but as he grew into a full fledged dog, he bloomed into a real beauty.

His destiny was to live inside a house, rather than out in freedom where his heart longed to be and still does.
Maybe it was the best choice he made since he is old now, healthy, living in warmth and never had to fight or kill anything in his life or be killed like his Mom was.

Funny how things work out.

A miracle is an event which creates faith. Frauds deceive.
 An event which creates faith does not deceive; therefore it is not a fraud, but a miracle. ~
 George Bernard Shaw

Allegria - happines joy


In case if you like to know the words here they are in Italian.


Kathleen McCoy said...

Wonderful post! I loved hearing the story of your beautiful, soulful dog Beau! Our animals are all such blessings! And bless you for raising children who truly care for them, too, instead of using them as playthings or objects. (Cars speeding up to HIT animals? OMG! That's horrifying!)

A Lady's Life said...

Kathy Ya. Thats laws for you.
You put them in to protect people and instead people abuse them for personal private gain.

George said...

Thanks for sharing Beau's story with us. You got some wonderful photos of him.

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful dog!

A Lady's Life said...

george he is a pleasure to photograph

A Lady's Life said...

mama zen - he was very beautiful now he is just a bear lol