Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Angel In Your Garden

 It's  amazing isn't it, how nature speaks to man?
A brilliant Angel in a flower, over looked by
true royalty, God.
Last night I sat beside my sweet smelling plants and it was almost euphoric.
Who needs to drink or do drugs?
Surround yourself by the nectar of life and it does the job.
It was so pleasant to spend the night this way.
I sure wish I could keep them indoors.
They say plants are good oxygen ators but I am not sure these plants would like it.
They are outdoor plants.
It truly makes one feel good walking between so many
beautiful heads looking up at you.
This was also At David Hunter Garden Center in Surrey, BC
but you find them every where right now, in all the stores.
Pretty soon all the nurseries and stores will be full of people buying
flowers and plants to enrich their lives.
I especially am tempted to buy the ground covers which don't grow more than 2 inches but would be great for places like cemeteries.
I don't bring my Mom flowers anymore because no matter what I bring, disappears the next day.
I really do not understand these workers, who work there. but if I could plant a ground cover plant, and they don't see it to pull it out, it might take and spread in the grass. Even if they cut the grass, this would stay and become a wonderful asset to commemorate the dead and show they are never forgotten.
Can you imagine going to a grave yard where the ground is  covered in blue or yellow flowers?
It would give a new meaning to the word  hallowed ground.
I am always thinking how to out smart these cemetery workers lol

Maybe throwing seeds would work if the birds don't eat them.
This morning we have bright sunshine but we can't
trust the weather because yesterday also was initiated with spring weather,
only to change into freezing cold wind and rain.
I went out bold with less clothing and came back chilled to the bone
thinking I was going to fall ill this time for my stupidity lol
I make all these shawls and this would have been a great time to wear them lol



Adam said...

I would love to have a yard just full of flowers, but that's easier said than done

A Lady's Life said...

Adam I like container gardening. It's easier on the back and for weeding. and watering and you can do it anywhere on balconies, along sides of fences, cement etc.... but the best are the ground covers cause they don;t have to be looked after at all They just naturally spread out.Even the lawn mower doesn't hurt them.

Akelamalu said...

I love Spring and Summer when the plants start flowering in my garden and there's nothing quite like sitting in the garden on a warm summer night with the scent of the flowers.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu You said it!!
You must have nice smelling flowers in your garden :)

Gattina said...

How beautiful ! I am waiting that flowers start to bloom over here !

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I know Gattina how blue you must feel. I don't like too much snow.
You have to have variety lol

George said...

We have pansies in our yard and have often admired the angels in the blossoms.

A Lady's Life said...

Every spring you rediscover them.