Monday, March 11, 2013

What Have You Done?

What a variety of colors.
Brightens up a rather dull day.

You can look at them and never get tired


These are my babies From the big green bush I took clippings. I put two in a plastic bag.
Took leaves and put them in rooting powder and put them into a can to see if they root.
None have died yet. The red and Yellow bushes are not big enough yet to get cuttings  from but they still smell nice.
The green one stopped scenting the air because the flowers are gone. I can't wait for them to grow.

After Beaus' visit to the Vet he aged over night.
But his knack to outsmart you hasn"t.
I had a chocolate bar which I placed for desert on a plate.
After eating my soup I went to put the bowl into the sink and when I got back
to eat the chocolate both pieces were gone.

This dog is now called sly Beau and to this day he won't admit to stealing it. lol
If this dog were a poker player he would win many games.
He'd be slick and sly and never give his hand away.
He was always that kind of dog from puppy hood.
We should have called him Cool Hand Luke lol


Newest puzzle . I can never resist such scenes. I wish I had horses and a sleigh to ride in the evenings like this
Getting  a Christmas tree this way would be wayyyyyy fun.!! Living in a quiet spot like this would be fun.

Newest other thing is my juice machine. It wasn't a tough decision to make. A young woman came and grabbed one without batting an eye. Didn't need to read to see if it was a good or bad machine. lol
So I thought since young people are smart today, it would be a good buy and I better buy it before another young person came and grabbed the few boxes left. lol You young gals inspire me as I inspire my friends who actually pick up a needle and knit again. lol
These machines  are much cheaper to buy now than before.
We tried it out and the machine is quiet and make the best juice and the pulp is beautiful
to use in baking of muffins or cakes, vinaigretts, sorbert, zuccini bread, carrot bread , squash loaf, orange bread, veggie omlet, raspberry or strawberry cream cheese, pancakes, soups, salsa, frozen fruit pops.
and of course the alcoholic beverages with pulp.


MMMMM  Break fast was delicious and nutritious
 today. The machine comes apart nicely to clean.

I'm happy and so are my boys.
For once I won't have things to argue with them about food.
Standing by the cash were a bunch of young Moms and their babies comparing notes.
Whose baby was younger, whose was bigger, whose talked... it was nice to listen to them
talk about their beautiful children. Once upon a time this was us. I remember seeing older people listening
to our conversations without ever thinking this would one day be me.:)
So I looked around and saw promotional items like The Shticky. My Gosh are they making a killing on this item.
Are 3 worth 19 dollars? lol
Using scotch tape for what you need is more than enough.



Betsy Adams said...

So the puppy enjoyed the chocolate?????? Hmmmmmmmm.... Don't blame him for not admitting to it though... ha

Gorgeous puzzle... I'd love to live in that setting--and also enjoy that ride... Oh--how I love snow.

Bet you will really enjoy the juicer... YUM.


A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Betsy It was a big week for me lol

Sometimes I miss the old books and the old days when such things were.

I think people were happier back then
achieving things, talking more with people sitting beside fire places that kind of thing
Digging in soil makes people feel good.

Today so many are raised not knowing anything except that things are but the farmer knew his soil by the taste
and that doesn't happen in todays world People spend thousands to get it tested in a lab.

Gattina said...

I had to laugh about your dog stealing chocolate ! Imagine my cat Arthur steals cookies ! We are again sitting in snow, it's very hard because we had some beautiful spring days just a week ago !

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

A dog's life - they're gung-ho for anything foodie around! Love the plants - it's a gorgeous time of year with the primroses around ...

Cheers from a snowy Sussex - across the Channel from Gattina! ... Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I can imagine.
I like a little bit but not too much,
just to see the beauty of it. If I lived in the country I wouldn't mind a lot of it because the beauty at night is just phenominal!
Having 4 seasons is good. Here in BC it's always green unless you go up north.

A Lady's Life said...

Gosh you and Gattina are close.
If I lived in Europe I'd be travelling all the time.
Things are just so close and interesting with so many different kind of people around.
European delis are the best I think.