Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gong Buster, Paper Tech

HAHAHAHA I had to laugh here.  Gotcha!!

Here is my youngest, Nick, taking care of Buster our floppy eared rabbit.
We got him from the SPCA which hoped we wouldn't eat him lol
We kept him in a large aquarium in our sun room.
Buster was a great guard dog because if anything came into our yard he would
thump his hind legs against the aquarium . It was so loud we could hear it inside the house
and go out to check what was going on.
Buster was a good name for him as would be Thumper. lol
Nick loved to play with him. He was a huge bunny but no coon could get this guy as they did my beautiful fluffy cat.
My neighbor told me she found a tabby cat in her back yard all torn up but she did not mention that it was my cat
Mine disappeared that same day.
It wasn't hard to figure out whose cat it was.

We eventually gave Buster to a neighborhood house, which was kinda still
living the country style life and had chickens and  rabbits but nothing like Buster.
I am sure the lady was glad to get her hands on him because bunnies from him would be adorable.
We bartered him for 12 eggs lol
It was either that or wait for Buster to break the Aquarium with his thumping lol

I would always display my things in the living room
My two Chinese children still make me happy My ancient swords lay there as well
The two on the floor were very heavy but I had two smaller ones
and the neighbors' boy gave me a massive head ache sneaking into the house all the time
so for safety's sake I hid them.
Didn't want the little guy chopping my sons' head off. lol
When he saw the front door shut he'd pee on it.
You can't say anything to sensitive parents who had their own problems and
would make you out to be the bad guy
so I would just tell him to go home and his answer..... well...
I won't say because 3 year olds don't understand what they are saying.
The Gong is another piece I liked.
I thought to put it in front of my door to use instead of the door bell but then thought it over
again. You can't do things like this when surrounded by people and kids
who are brought up to steal. You couldn't leave a bicycle in your back yard.
I always told my oldest to hide his bike. Then one day he went outside and accused me for hiding his bike from him to teach him a lesson.
I only wished it was the case but it wasn't.

Well the Chinese Gong has it's own history.
They seem to have originated in a place calle HSI YU a nation, between Burma and Tibet, around 500A.D. but must have been around longer than that.
They were used as musical instruments and seen as an instrument carrying a higher power.
and the makers of them felt they were exposed to powerful forces most don't encounter.

It was a symbol of success in Asia and deep links with the cosmos.
Monks used them to invite spirits.
You used them for communication and announcements, as drums, in concerts,orchestras.
Different gongs made different sounds.

They are still popular today as an heirloom.
I'm kinda glad I have it. lol............
Some where.



George said...

I would say your neighbor got quite a bargain for her 12 eggs. Thumper sounds like a great watch dog. Any bunnies would be a nice bonus. The gong sounds like a nice piece to have.

troutbirder said...

What fun. I must say though we had just about every kind of pet here at one time under a hundred pounds... except for bunnies. Lots of "wild" ones though...:)

A Lady's Life said...

George My Dad used to raise rabbits for food. They make for delicious meals but you have to have the guts to kill them and I could never do that to babies I raised. A few got away and we'd see wild orange rabbits running around the country side. We knew who they belonged to lol
My Dad's cat had extra toes and then cats began to appear with extra toes.
It made their paws look HUGE!

A Lady's Life said...

troutbirder - my dad always had little critters for me when I was little so I tried to do the same for my kids.
Kids should be exposed to animals.
They learn respect for nature and love for other creatures.
Sometimes knowing how to behave with animals can save your life.

Adam said...

my fiancee had a bunny when she was younger. She misses her.

A Lady's Life said...

Adam they are cute and they have so many varieties of bunnies too.

Gattina said...

I had seen this video already, it's really nice ! I am waiting for Easter now and egghunting with little Toby !

Zuzana said...

That video clip is truly funny, yes indeed, paper is still useful at times, hehe.;) Your son is sooooo cute and I love the bunny story, it must have been so funny that he actually reacted that way when he saw something in the yard, very unusual. I would assume as rabbits are preys, that thumping was probably a reflex as he tried to "get away" from danger.;) He looks huge too.;)
Have a great weekend,

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina egg hunting is a lot of fun.I hope you let Toby find the eggs lol

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana yes it was a reaction to danger. as he knew he couldn't get out. He hit with a lot of force I was afraid the aquarium would break and he would damage himself. So we decided to give him to someone who had a cage with other bunnies where he could do what bunnies do best lol
The lady had female bunnies. She was like my Dad was with me when I was a kid so I knew he would be fine there.He was a huge bunny and his floppy ears were beautiful.
My sons got to know many animals and I think thats a good thing because they are not afraid of anything and know how to handle them.Even things like chinchillas coons,mice, snakes, fish....all living creatures.