Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is Love?

There are no words
To express my feelings
The heart that lived
became a cerebral hemisphere

I used to feel and
Now I think and
In words
So nothings' real.

I used to feel
Without the words
And now I think
With words,
That have no meaning

And what is love?
A thought or feeling?
A heart pierced by Cupids' arrow
Or a mere conscious recognition
That loves' a word
A word
Without a meaning.

I once was love
A Cupids' heart
A feeling without words.
And now I rest
Attached to words
Which can't be seen or touched or heard
But they are valued more than love
Since they express the great
Philosophers say words exist
Without feelings
Where is love?
Where can I touch it
See it.
Feel it.
It's lost, to words,
Found in a brain,
That lives totally

My heart's my soul
My soul is one
With all the heavens and all the suns
My soul is love
A wordless feeling
That needs no thinking
To be real.
Oh tis true that love is blind
It's quiet, peaceful , speechless
Absorbed in all it is,
In life, in breath and feelings
A Lady's Life


George said...

Thanks for a wonderful post and poems.

Sandy Carlson said...

"My soul is love" is a beautiful line.

roughterrain crane said...

Merry Christmas, A Lady's life !!
Love always wrapps you up.

HoneyBUZZin said...

Beautiful poem. Merry Christmas Lady..

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM "A Lady's Life." Sweet and beautiful. Once again, sweet and beautiful. I just read last night that GOD is love and then my inner self asked, "Why isn't God's love enough for humans?"

I'd like to think that I am love, but that would just be my opinion. I love, have loved and love love... but today, I know with certainty that GOD is love.

Speaking of love... I love you!
Merry Christmas my beautiful and faithful friend.

Love always
Free Spirit Butterfly

Gattina said...

What a thoughtful post !
People without love are like plants without water.

A Lady's Life said...

gattina you r right :)

A Lady's Life said...

thanks George

A Lady's Life said...

rough terrain - love is a many splendoured thing for sure:)

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy yes and so I think people should live in their hearts where the
soul is.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks hunney buzzin

A Lady's Life said...

butterfly God is enough It's just that people do not know that yet.
He certainly makes life simpler.