Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cool In Pink

I just finished crocheting this scarf in double crochet
and my darling son is modeling it for me. :)

It looks good with the Santa hat and looks somewhat Mexican once it is worn wide covering the shoulders.
Everything looks great when you are young. lol
(click to enlarge)
The white thread is sparkly Christmas wool used for babies.(it's Either Bernat or Red Heart)
I mixed it with the Bernat hot pink to create the squiggly look and then I used a Bernat,multicolored baby boucle thread in between with pink and mauve
It turned out very warm.

Three cowboys were hanging out in the bunkhouse. "I know that smart aleck Tex," said the first. "He's going to start bragging about that new foreign car he bought as soon as he gets back." "Not Tex," the second cowboy replied. "He'll always be just a good ol' boy. When he walks in, I'm sure all he'll say is hello." "I know Tex better than either of you," said the third. "He's so smart, he'll figure out a way to do both. Here he comes now." Tex swung open the bunkhouse door and shouted, "Audi, partners!"


What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a detective ?
Santa Clues !
Father Christmas win a saucepan in a competition.
Now thats what you call pot luck !
What do the reindeer sing to Father Christmas on his birthday ?
Freeze a jolly good fellow !
What do you call a man who claps at Christmas ?
Santapplause !
Twinkle Twinkle chocolate bar
Santa drives a rusty car
Press the starter
Press the choke
Off he goes in a cloud of smoke !
Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas ?
Santa Jaws !


Sandy Carlson said...

Your son does a beautiful job modeling your very pretty scarf.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

My favorite color :]

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy I have no girls so I force my guys to model for me and they are sweet about it.

A Lady's Life said...

Sub Radar - I always end up with girl colors I am sure they are both waiting for me to make them something.
I have stuff but not finished. lol

Zuzana said...

Love that scarf and the anecdotes.;) But, my oh my, what a handsome son you have!!! He is gorgeous, I bet you are a proud mama.;)

A Lady's Life said...

zuzana - yes he is my pip soccer player lol.
I hate when kids grow up

George said...

The scarf is beautiful, and I'm impressed that your son modeled it without making a face.

A Lady's Life said...

George My guys are cool. lol