Friday, December 16, 2011

Lights to Enlighten

These lights indeed enlightens the soul to watch
but here Is Cary Grants story to bring tears to your eyes.

Love of family leaves us with so many memories.
It is sad to see there are more people choosing to
live the single life and will never witness
what a Mother and Father do.

The birth of a sweet angel, puts
everything into perspective.

Children and childrens' children will call him blessed,
whose birthday we celebrate each year

Jesus, the son of a loving Father,
brought into this world, to help resolve all its' woes,
To wipe away tears and hunger and pain.

Some would say he is succeeding and some would say
we still have a long way to go.
But as long as he lives in our hearts
he brings to life a conscious soul
and harkens it into action
to do good and so show love and kindness
so others may pass it forward.

Santa gets milk and cookies but we have lights to replace candles
we send out into the heavens, in hopes
they spread, enriching the word ,as the stars become aware.

Once upon a time, a midnight light
showed the way to a lowly manger
wherein the son of God lay
kicking his tiny feet and smiling into the eyes
of love.

Such beseeching beauty lies in this story and it is repeated
in every family not just at Christmas but every day.
A new birth. A fresh breath. A new beginning.
A new desire to live, explore, protect,
And so much heart break and suffering when a loved one is lost to us forever,
resurrected in the memories of his kind words, deeds and generous life.

Indeed. So many memories to unfold and teach future generations,
on so many stars and galaxies
as well as a hidden manger, in a poor lowly stable.

Have a good one.:)


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George said...

Thanks for an absolutely beautiful post.

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Olga said...

This is why I love Christmas - for the beauty and peace. Thank you for the wonderful post.

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Sandy Carlson said...

Beautiful, my friend.

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Diane said...

So beautiful! Thank you!