Friday, December 9, 2011

Golden Goose

Today I was reading some blogs and they were a source of inspiration to me.
I smiled and mentally caressed every one's spirit as I saw them uplift their lifes' journey
within their homes and communities.
And it is on days like this I can really have hope for the future of mankind.
People coming together, doing what's right and good
just for the sake of right and good.

Of course the papers are still full of bad news.
One old man sitting in a wheel chair was accosted, beaten almost to a pulp for a few dollars he had in his pocket.
Instead of calling for help he hid inside his house for a few days and then came out to show his wounds.
Takes a very brave man to do something like this to an old crippled person.
Probably if he needed it for a good cause, the old man would have given it to him voluntarily but he probably needed it for drugs and booze so he beat him up.

One young man came desperately to ask for money for bus fare for him and his friend.
He asked for 6.50 so I gave it to him and then he said each. So I gave it to him.
But I did not see him go to the bus. Instead he went to White Spot.

Another time a man came to ask for money to buy propane for his car.
I gave it to him.
Instead of going to the gas station across the street he kept going in the opposite direction with his back pack. He had no propane car to fill. He was a drifter.

Another time an old crippled woman was standing outside Superstore begging for money. She said she gets beaten at home by her family if she doesn't bring something home.
I gave her money and she follows me in the parking lot every time I go there.

Another man was standing in front of London Drugs begging for money to buy his girlfriend diapers and things she needs for her baby. I gave him and told him to make sure he spends on what he says he needs it for. He assured me he would but I could see on his face that he thought this must be a lucky place to stand to get more than what I gave him.

Another man asked for five dollars for food. I gave him and the first thing he did was run into a tavern.
Another man was living under the bridge beside a train track. My neighbor brought him to our attention and said he needs help so she brings him coffee food etc... So I sent my son with food, coffee and some things like socks a hat and gloves. We found them thrown away with the food bags when he left.
My neighbor said she wanted to invite him to stay at her house so he could wash up but her husband said no. Her argument was, what was he going to do kill me?
Well turns out he was a killer. lol

One woman walks around with her bicycle asking for bottles to recycle. People give her.
My son asked her why she was doing this and she pointed to her Mercedes and said, how do you think I could afford this?

When a person asks for money I usually cave in and give them, fully aware that they are lying to me.
but then there might be a good person out there truly in dire need and not be shown charity because of some horrible people who lie cheat steal and prey on peoples good will.

These are the people who spoil everything for everyone and as the world gets poorer and there is less to share, I wonder who that woman with the Mercedes will share her blessings with since she cheats the poor who also walk in the cold with arthritis and sores all over their bodies needing money for food and shelter.

And the young man who asked for bus fare, and the guy who needed money for his girlfriends baby?
I often wonder, am I a golden goose? Did I make a small difference in their lives or did they look upon me as a sucker?

The older you get the more such stories you have to tell.

One mother had three kids.
She makes them to get welfare.
Well the kids are friends of your kids and come begging for food when you have dinner.
So you let them in once, twice... eventually they become your kids while the parents spend the money they get on cigarettes beer drugs and bullets.
Saying no does not become an option any more. Then they have birthdays christmas and need school clothes and supplies. If you give them toys they arrogantly throw them away.

You sit and think and shake your head and wonder how does God fit into all this?
Would saying no be a good thing to do in all these cases or would it turn them into desperadoes like the guy who beat up the old man?
Did the guy who asked for bus money have a gun in his pocket?
Did you save a hungry child from malnutrition?
Our city passed laws against street begging and now our duty is to report such people so they are investigated and helped accordingly.

With the world going the way it is, nothing is written in stone.
Tomorrow can be your day to beg for a morsel of food and charity because the system failed you.
No job, stolen pension, weak welfare system and high cost of living.
A penny saved runs through bills fast.
So the next question is why have a system which has no hope in the world to succeed?

You can give a man a fish and feed him but what he really needs is a fishing rod so he can catch his own.

Have a great day!


George said...

I don't usually give money when I'm asked for it, but I never thought of someone having a gun. When I was asked for money for bus fare I told the guy I would buy his ticket for him. But instead of giving him money, I went with him to the bus stop. He remembered he had somewhere else to go as the bus was pulling up.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. I don't usually give money - but someone 'asked' in the middle of the day one time and I was taken aback and gave her a couple of pounds for bus fare - struck me as odd ..

Your sentence about having fishing rods is so apposite .. we need to help ourselves .. cheers Hilary

Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Happy to be here after my accident ;)

Great Chinese proverb to finish the sad stories...

Blogtrotter Two is around Scandola. Fabulous! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Anji said...

I give if I've got some change. When a friend and i helped someone who really had nothing we gave him food (he had somewhere to cook) to heat up and pasta and things that would keep. Perhaps it is better to buy a sandwich or a bottle of water to give.

I suppose if they are dishonest karma will see to them

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Magia da Inês said...

º°♥❤ Olá, amiga!
❤ Você tem toda razão, mas apesar de tudo isso, ainda temos motivos para acreditar na reabilitação dos homens... enquanto há vida, há esperança.
Bom fim de semana!
Brasil ♥✿⊱╮
º°♥❤ ❤

Gattina said...

That's the problem, when there is not enough work and not enough money, people easily become criminals !
Our prime Minister is a real good man and very appreciated by everybody it also was a hard work to finally get him elected, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina unfortunately you are correct We too have a good prime minister right now but its not easy for him.

HoneyBUZZin said...

Dear Lady,
I posted this topic last year I guessed at my blog(Malaysian Version). Many of my friends responded to the article I wrote. My friends and I have one thing in common, we somehow agree not to give...even blind beggars or mute ones are not that innocent anymore.
Certain part in our country, we met this type of beggars that was run by a syndicate. It is sad..
Nowadays, it's difficult even to be just trust noyone.
Take care!

Diane said...

I, too try to give food. Fortunately, I've never been in a situation where someone could pull a gun.
And it doesn't matter if the people are lying to you. You are still going a good work. The Lord looks on the heart and when He looks on yours, He obviously sees something wonderful!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Diane.
Most of my life was about volunteer work and at one point it had become a full time job. Easier to go to work lol
Today I am unable to do it anymore but maybe in the future I will try again.