Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bird of Peace

Many liberationists are against religion, as they are against liberalism, communism, socialism the welfare state, Nazism,fascism and Islamism.

The only thing they feel can be rationalized, is Capitalism
The rest, forces society into servitude and torture.

The Christian Cross represents to them, sacrifice of virtue and ideals, to the unideal and non virtuous.
It helps those, who lack in self esteem, to continue to live in sin, feeding as parasites on society.

Liberationists do not believe in taxes. They believe man to have free will, to decide how he wants to spend his hard earned money.
Everything comes down to free will. Man must do things because he is free to do them, not because he is forced or through fear.
So taxes must be voluntary or collected through lotteries, donations or some other such projects

It is true, that no matter what you do, the non virtuous will continue to demand more and more until those with virtues and ideals, will be either smothered or drowned out of existence.

For this reason they believe compassion, cannot be shown to the morally guilty.

Liberationists believe man must live and fight for his values and rational beliefs , against blind dogma forced upon him. If dogma must be kept secret and lead people through blind faith, then no one knows who the leader is. Is it God or Satan?

Liberationists, except for freedom, have not made clear what exactly they stand for, just what they are against.
Capitalism is favored because it allows man to lift his self esteem, through the powers of his labor and this is seen as a good thing.

The only thing about man, is that without proper up bringing, knowing right from wrong, and living by proper rules of behavior, guilt, for hurting another for profit, does not exist.

Christians are taught to forgive,
People with no morals or ethics, no guilt,
Cold blooded killers for whose sins Jesus died for.

What creates such people? Who creates killers, the guiltless criminals, the hucksters who cheat lie and steal without batting an eye.?
Who raises people who rape children and kill to maintain power?

It is true that Christians require more than faith for change to happen.
It requires action or face more people walking away or be slowly drowned by those with more and more demands.

People create abused people who abuse and create more people to abuse more and why?
Because right and wrong, good and bad is not instilled into them.

No - ism escapes evil.and so we have Jesus born, a son of God, a child who tried to teach his flock the rules, who died for the guilty, simply because
original sin exists.
We see it every day, in every man woman and child.
We can rationalize its' existence by viewing peoples behavior towards each other.

We are born with a survival program, we don't know how to use.
but God believed we were worth letting it grow and learn from its' mistakes and one day, maybe, see the light.
He had faith in man, even though man did not have faith in him or in himself.

Jesus died on the cross not to promote torture between men, but to buy us time to figure it out.
Jesus died for love of mankind.
Man needs to live for good.

We fight between nations not understanding that the fight is really between ourselves .
The fight is to promote morals ethics and values between each other, so our laws work for us.

This is Christian belief.
We do not need to fight for God but to have faith in the tools he gave us, to fight for ourselves, our self worth and our purpose for existence to create heaven on earth.

One thing the liberationists said is true.
There is a black and a white.
There is good and bad.
It's the gray in the middle one needs to fear.
In it lies moral decay and confusion.
We trust in God but we must also trust in each other.
As for sacrifice, well this can be also called knowing ones' limits.
We limit ourselves to serve our families, our friends, our communities, and our government.
It's called, being civilized.
Being civilized is good. lol

Have a great day!

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George said...

Thank you for a very thought-provoking post.

A Lady's Life said...

welcome george

FishHawk said...

"A Lady's Life..." has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Mama Zen said...

That alien message sounds about right!

A Lady's Life said...

mama zen - was reading an article on liberationists and this is how they feel.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks fish hawk

A Lady's Life said...

It is disconcerting when people change the meanings of the reasons why other people do things and make them look ugly instead of spiritual.
Jesus died because of love for mankind. He died so as to uplift them and lighten them. He ressurected to show them an after life exists.
He did not die to sacrifice virtue and ideals for the unideal and non virtuous. He died so the latter could uplift themselves into something better through his teachings.
And it is not about whether or not Jesus was or was not a son of God either. This your either believe or you don't. But the laws were different then, People were put on the cross even if they were innocent just like Jesus was.So to forgive them was the right thing to do. They should not die believing they did something evil when they didn't.
These are only stories from the Bible but like with everything else, you can find evil everywhere if you search for it.But if you look for good then you see the world in a different light.:)

Anji said...

I suppose it would have to happen one day....

Diane said...

Well, it`s official. I`m definitely not a liberationist. And I definitely AM a Christian! Thank you for this thought-provoking post!