Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Time to decorate.
Spic and polish
Fill your home full
Of jam and relish
The lit candles in the window
Festive table, golden geese
It is time to move
No time like now
No excuses , no boo hoos, no sob stories
come what may
Open windows to a clear night sky
Expose your self
To everlasting life.
Fill your lungs and breathe so you can feel
Love it.
Embrace it
And Thank God!
Cause you're Alive!
A Lady's Life


Diane said...

Oh! Now I'm ready for Christmas!!!

A Lady's Life said...

diane lol
I'm not. Having A hard time getting started
need a kick in the butt lol

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for this reminder to be grateful for all we have.

A Lady's Life said...

have a good one sandy

Olga said...

I have already heard from several people that they`re not too much into the Christmas spirit. Something that I like about your poem is that, while we are alive, we ought to celebrate.

A Lady's Life said...

olga life is a reason to celebrate
Othrwise why do we cry when it comes to an end?
each day should be a rebirth.
each day a new beginning.