Monday, December 12, 2011

Cherished Encounters

This is a wonderful story about a little girl who was born with a destiny to fulfill.

My friend told me about this book : Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo,

It is the story of a little boy that came close to dying. When he got out of the hospital he started talking about when he sat on Jesus lap. The parents showed him the pictures of Jesus and he said "Not him" until they showed him the picture of Jesus drawn by that little girl. then Colton said "that is Him" .

In a class, a math professor claims that he can prove everything under the assumption that 1+1=1.
A student challenges him: "Then prove that you're the pope!"
He ponders for a moment and then replies: "I am one, and the pope is one. Therefore, the pope and I are one."


The mother of already three is pregnant with her fourth child.
One evening, the eldest daughter says to her dad: "Do you know, daddy, what I've found out?"
"The new baby will be Chinese!"
"Yes. I've read in the paper that statistics shows that every fourth child born nowadays is Chinese..."
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Gattina said...

If it was not at home she was influenced at school ! anyway she is a very gifted painter ! I don't believe in visions, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina the vision is in her head the same as you envision how to draw your cats. Every one has an idea in your head as to how you want them portrayed. This little girl feels close to God and there was no religion in the household. Gattina Both parents are athiests and her Mom says she spends most of her time painting and is not really interested in school.
The boy in the book never met her but he sat in Jesus's lap when I assume he must have been clinically dead.
But he was revived and people wanted to know who he saw so I guess they somehow got this video or showed him her art work and this was what he said.
Of course no one knows the true story so you have to believe they didn't lie

A Lady's Life said...

here is a better video of akiana

A Lady's Life said...

jesus from the shroud of turin

Mama Zen said...

That last joke made me laugh out loud!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

amazing .Love reading them all !