Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yesterdays' Child

Yesterdays Child

This one I finished last night. It's Yesterdays' child. lol
 It has a visor which can be worn up or down and ear flaps.
My son already wore it and liked it a lot.
He faced booked his hats to his friends and they all liked it as well.
So I guess people will be looking for hats like these to wear

Picture this. One stitch, throw ball
One stitch , throw ball
One stitch , throw ball
Otherwise Tanya will bark till you know how to do things the right way.
This is her hat and my son's friend got it as a present with her compliments lol

 Gentle Love

This one is dedicated to a virtual girlfriend Very nice.

One day you will look up at the sky and you will see how a small star follows the milky way.
Look closer to see a pony's tail, the southern winds' son.
Hurrying to his love, only once a year when the earth is closest to his planet
This was a long time ago
He flew down to earth hitting the stars with his hooves He flew to a mountain which reminded this traveler, of a tent from afar.Over an empty land.
He saw his love with her black tail and mane She saw him too
He waved his mane to her and called her to him
They pranced over the mountains a long time and then ran down to where the land meets the sea.
where there was lots of wateer and grass.
He splashed the water with his hoof. They dansed a slow dance and the birds sang of their happy love.
They were destined for each other
He said to her
It's time for me for only once a year the earth is closest to my planet.
The unbelievable day flew by like in a story book. (fairy tale romance)
They flew over plains and meadows and mountains and deserts
At sunset they had to say good bye.
He looked at his beloved and with all the strength he could muster he ran and pushed up into the stars
She also ran after him but stopped from fear, upon reaching a cliff .
She raised herself up on her back hooves and neighed after her lover
If the stars begin to burn it means some one needs it.?
You will hear the whispering of the ocean and hooves upon the sand
Look up at the sky
You will see a planet
It must be a miracle
25th day of Sept = Day of the Ocean

This planet is a miracle = crystal waters, whispering of the waves, rolling stones, and
a planet that sings.