Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Puppet Witches

I made these every year They are Puppet witches filled with candy, for Halloween.
They were a lot of fun to do.
I gave them out to little children on Halloween night.
I also made them for my sons' class when they had Halloween.
I am not much of a baker but this, I like doing.

I still have one which escaped and is in one of my boxes.
It is sad not to have to do stuff like this anymore.
The joy is in the giving and watching their eyes as they get something more than candy.
Children are the angels in this world.

Listening to news about the priests and Pope I don't see hope for religion anymore.
If Rome does not follow the Bible and is run on corruption and priests who are more concerned with
issues having nothing to do with God, who come in under false pretenses, then they do not represent God.
They represent  man and man's evil ways.
They search to find justification turning lies into truths.
So the message God tried to send man through his messengers, is lost.

It's not about religion and God anymore but
politics and money.

As a believer, I find this quite upsetting.
Although I am not naive that it always existed, the fact that it's becoming a more arrogant
demanding voice as opposed to the dying truth a man is silenced from speaking,
truly shows the new road religion is taking us on.
The road is not the straight road that it is supposed to be.

There is only one truth
The truth could be one of lies, destruction, violence, hate, crime, war, politics, chaos,
or truth could be one of peace where people understand humility, self respect,
patience, love, solitude, and beauty. Being one with nature and God.
Rather poetic but there is a clear division and distinction between the two worlds.

One keeps you in a state of stress and the other in a state of peace and warmth.

Our church never allowed anything but church business in it and the celebration of Christmas for
children where they would sing and have a tree to look at and get a humble present.
But it was all kept simple,
as the fisherman was simple, as the shepherd was simple
as a field of wheat is simple.

The road to God is not long or far unless you look for shortcuts and create
tangents for yourself to follow, excuses, justifications , laws.

The road to God is very simple.
It just one word.

Question is ....who today understands what that is?



Mama Zen said...

The puppet witches are adorable!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen They were fun to make.

SandyCarlson said...

They are fun. It is sad when there's no need to do these things for a while. I discovered recently my daughter and her friends are happy to go back in time if I am. Adolescence! It won't last forever.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - Mine are all grown up and my grand daughter is in australia so I can't do anything with her.
I would have loved to though.

Zuzana said...

Those witches are cute.;)
Very substantial post, I must agree. I have always had a hard time with religion. There is something sinister about it and at times it feels that all the evil in world comes from it, definitely all the fighting between the different types of faith...
I think one can be a believer and be highly spiritual and need no opulent churches or organized movements to dictate what is wrong or right. And you are so right about love...;)
Have a great rest of the week.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - I think there are the odd few left that are really true believers and adhere by the faith but they are persecuted by society just like Jesus was. But many believed in his words because they knew he spoke the truth. You must remember that those were times of persecution when every one was abused, the good and the bad. So he tried to differentiate the good from the bad and to make the bad understand goodness and come to the other side.
Instead the bad infiltrated without understanding. There in lies the problem. There are no short cuts to religion. Many can't stand to look at themselves in the mirror so the blame religion. But once upon a time every child was born innocent and good, without being termed an alcoholic, a pervert, a homosexual, a thief, a liar. All that came later and it happened because the adults around it showed it evil. It is really that simple.