Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home In the Blizzard

I love gypsy music and  I always come back to it because it is so heart breaking
 and keeps one grounded. to the heart and soul.
This song is about a Siberian man who was betrayed by his wife and is too proud to go back home.
He stays outside in the cold. while she sulks inside wanting more out of  life than what she was getting.

In Montreal we had a restaurant where gypsies danced and sang while you enjoyed a candle light dinner.
I never understood anything they sang but you don't have to understand it.
The music speaks for itself.
 My Spanish friend must have understood because she would sit teary eyed all night. lol

It inspired me to write the following .lol

 The Blizzard.

A frosty wind whispered over the plains
All white, speckled  and splendid
It took your breath away

A golden man stood watching,
Hunched and in despair.
He walked out  to touch it...
The rich, warm,
Swaying, yellow hay.

He walked out into the field 
Following a blizzard storm
The holy host of ghosts
Covering the field that day.
He walked  forsaken and heart broken
With no one left to care
 He walked with arms so gently swaying
To meet the devil in his lair.

He walked, with eyes so clear and brilliant.
He walked alone and without fear,
His final entry into living, was by the
Gentle closing of the door.

As the blizzard swirled around him
 Stronger, wilder, grew the beating of his heart
The powdery snow did not deter him
For he was home and free.

The howling wind blustered,
Bleated and beat his face with diamond grains
 He saw his love in fractured memories
Buried, as life is,  inside flames

It's empty now
No fire warms it
No hat hangs by the heavy, wooden  door
No boots seen drying from a work day
No soul to fill the love filled home he knew

The home was buried, cold and lonely
The man was gone , a whisper in the wind
All that was left were powdery ashes
In a frosty speckled ,
 Forsaken plain.

A Lady's Life.


Anji said...

The music certainly is sad....

I love your poem

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life - the gypsy music is always evocative isn't it .. this is beautiful to listen to ..

Your poem is very descriptive .. walking across the stubbly hayfield covered in a dusting of snow ...

Thanks for sharing with us .. cheers Hilary

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love your poems...all of them. If you publish a book, I will buy one or two :-)

Love for a great day!

Akelamalu said...

Gypsy music is either haunting or wild and I love them both.

Love your poem, especially these lines...

The howling wind blustered,
Bleated and beat his face with diamond grains
He saw his love in fractured memories
Buried, as life is, inside flames

Rick Watson said...

That's a nice poem. I wish I were better at writing poetry.
Have you ever seen the movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp as a Gypsy? We love that movie.

A Lady's Life said...

Anji - life is beautiful and sometimes you see just how great life is in sadness.

A Lady's Life said...

Hilary - He was a golden man walking in rich fields I guess he went insane.

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - girl of my heart lol

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - They certainly live interesting lives. A symbol of truly free people

A Lady's Life said...

Rick I love Johnny Depp and his movies He plays a great Pirate and Chocolat was a magnificent story.

The man who cried