Friday, February 22, 2013

No Chicken Necks Here.

I made this neck warmer for my son.
He can now be a Ninja!
No chicken Necks here. All hidden.
It's double thick up top, adjustable and
ties up top so you can  stop cold air from coming in when you run and breath.
It is smaller around the neck and widens and you can raise the second layer to cover your head .
Also if need be,  it can turn into a hat because of the tie  rope.If he wears it with a hoody like he always does, he will always be warm because it cuts the cold air wind and rain.

He doesn't like I put grey in it He wanted it all one color.
When he runs, he breaths cold air and is always sick during winter months.
Doesn't count the fact that I went out of my way to make it for him though lol


This is the capelete . I call it my Robin Hood Cape and now it needs a Robin Hood Hat.
 I finally finished it. It's been lying around a while and I know why. It guzzles thread like a big car engine with all the triple crochets it needs.
. It is modeled by my faithful, loyal darling who watches me WORK.all the time and then listens when I complain about sore muscles and arms . lol
I love it. It keeps the chill off , can be worn over a jacket in these layering places where
 you feel hot and cold every two minutes, good for restaurant air conditioning and you don't have to worry about under arm sweating problems .
At this rate it hardly ever needs to be washed unless you use it for a bib lol
I always have things dripping on my clothes.)
 It hides all the bulges too which is a great
feature for us women. lol

When I folded it I noticed the pattern made for a beautiful skirt for a little girl to wear.
From this one cape I can sew two warm skirts or dress, for a 4 year old child. It would need a camisole,
or maybe not but now I know the pattern is good for other things.


Like for instance, it is also good for a Halloween Party.
 My son can become Robin Hood with a green hat, green fleecy hoody and green fleecy pants. lol
I haven't found a suitable pattern yet for a robin hood hat. Might have to design one.

I used to wear many capes.
 One Turned me into a Sherlock Holmes Character and another into
Little Red Riding Hood because it was red. and
a third was black and took me back to the 17th century
 when women and men had these fabulous capes which they swung around and rustled as they walked on city streets , rode horses and hid behind, in the forests.
I became a woman of mystery lol
Clothes can be fun and capture the imagination.

Now finally I hope the threads can be put away and the sewing machine taken out and my fingers and arms can have a rest.
Sometimes it's easier going to work lol but
when you do things at home, they will be to your taste, color  and size
 and you can have a little fun with it.



Gattina said...

These neck warmer are very in fashion this winter ! I even bought one in turquoise for my DIL with an assorted bonnet. She loved it. I never wore capes though. You are a very good !

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

the neck warmer is really nice and i love the color. they are appearing everywhere. how lucky is your son to have one made with "love?" so very sweet to have close to him when he's cold.

love you sweet friend :-)

SandyCarlson said...

You are so incredibly talented That neck warmer looks wonderful!

A Lady's Life said...

I think so Gattina
I have so may styles to choose from I might make more in different colors and pattersn

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - I My son is lucky to have a Mom like me lol
I love both my sons dearly

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I enjoy working with my hands when I watch TV
The tv becomes back ground noise and
when I have a finished product I am soo happy.
Easier to buy ready made in the store but its not the same thing. This I can say I did myself.