Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Hat

(click to enlarge)
This is the hat I finished last night.
It's Purple and white
I really like it.
It is to be worn like Winnie the Poohs hat with the front up and the back hanging.
Great for the beach.
Its very nice for the summer sun cause it covers everything and prevents sunburn and mosquitoes from alighting..
I guess I could pin a flower to the front, or add a light purple kerchief,. or leave it as is.The way it's made is that the white sticks out in the front and the purple sticks out on the inside or vs versa if you want it to be that way.
Now I need a top to go with it.
The beret is covered with buttons stamens and flowers that look like leaves. The top pom pom is two colored white with a yellow center sorta like a sunny side up egg.
It's a pretty cute hat.
Something different from all the others I've made.

I also had time to make two small wigs for Raggedy Anne Dolls or something like them
One is yellow and curly and the other is red and straight.
They were fun to make and easy even to make them  for adults for occasions like Halloween.
Now I have to paint faces  and make dolls to put them

I love doing things like this and especially when they turn out.

Yesterday I made mussel shrimp soup with potatoes and vegetables It came out very good.
Also I tried out the new tacos with filling from Costco.
I put cheese on them and microed them.
They were delicious and I will definitely buy them again.
Tanya my small dog couldn't get enough of them. She ate four and would eat more if I let her.

Well what can I say. If the dog likes them.......  lol

Case closed.

So, all in all  I had a pretty good productive day.
 I went to bed at 2 am got up at 5 slept another two hours and
 now am ready to go.
I find the less you sleep the less you need to sleep.
The more you sleep the more tired you feel.
But it catches up to you eventually and then you need a good full 8 hours.
But hey...There will be enough time to sleep when I  am finally laid to rest.
But then I will be too busy exploring my new life. lol



Adam said...

nice hat, you did a great job

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Adam

George said...

This is another nice hat -- I like the color. It sounds as if you provide your dogs with gourmet dining. I'll bet they're never late for a meal.

A Lady's Life said...

George Not only are they never late but they are ahead of time and sit drooling and waiting patiently while you

It is no wonder people love dogs. They never criticize your cooking and are always grateful for whatever you give them lol

SandyCarlson said...

Your handiwork is great!

A Lady's Life said...

A new version of Winnie the Pooh Sandy