Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Lurks in the Dark

Times have sure changed
and yet
Nothing has changed.

Every time you turn on the TV its about war or gay issues.
Today it was about gay rights in Boy Scouts.

So tiresome.

The only thing I see changing today is people labeling people.
Gay men have been in Boy Scouts from day one.
Now, they want to be open about it.

I listen to these psychologists and psychiatrists talking about the MYTH
that Scouting is not about sex.


Skating is not about sex. Dancing is not about sex. Baby sitting is not about sex either.
Children are not about sex. Religion is not about sex. School is not about sex.
But sex happens.
What utter rubbish!!
Society today made everything about sex.
This obsession with sex is a disease in our society.

We've learned nothing from the story of Babylon and are heading down the same path today.

I am a Mother who raised two boys.
I was never concerned about gay issues, as much as I was concerned about
silent predators that lurk in the dark.

This was why I always made my presence known.
I was always there. I was unpredictable.
My presence resulted in never having to discuss with my children
to "beware".
I was doing the bewaring and the kids were doing the kid things.

This is what parenting is all about.

Kids do not need the burden of carrying all these adult issues that are forced upon them today.
We do not need such an open society where nothing is left to the imagination.

Nothing is sacred today because of all this so called "Openness" going on
but it doesn;t change things.
People are still doing the things they did in the past.
People are still being hurt
and children have their innocence stolen from them
with the MYTH
that knowledge will save them.

My son comes home and tells me Mom I am a grown up man.
You raised me well and you don't have to worry about me
and yet when I go out and don't come home on time, he worries. lol

Am I also not informed about life?
Truly I am .
I teach it every day to my kids.

The truth of the matter is that no one is safe.
Laws do not prevent abuse from taking place.
A predator has all his avenues figured out before hand.
Accessibility is of prime concern.

When we have a sweet tooth and told to guard the cakes,
how many of us will be able to resist having a small taste, if even
on a finger tip?

They show us the gravy commercial where you don;t have to make gravy from scratch
anymore and it tastes just as good.. People dont believe you and keep tasting it.
In the commercial the hostess didnt leave with her turkey.
She stayed behind to watch, to make sure there was not too much tasting done.

I think these psychologists and psychiatrists should not preach to people
what they know nothing about.
Kids should not be their guinea pigs.
Kids do not belong to them.
Parents have right of say, where they want their kids to be and with whom.

 I remember when they told parents they were going to be jailed for sleeping with their kids.
Sleeping with kids is very normal and yet here they were giving bad advice again.
Dr Spock was another big mistake. Kids were raised undisciplined because you left them in control instead of being in control. This resulted today in forcing drugs on kids which can and should be avoidable.
With help like this who needs advice?
Who needs to pay school taxes
if you can't say no to things you don't like.

I know, as a Mother, I would not send my kids to Boy Scouts alone, regardless of what
they accept or don't accept. Either my husband or I would have to be there.
I was a Den Mother in Cub Scouts for this reason.
If you can't say no, there is no point to have kids.

Make them in test tubes and raise them in communes like fish.
This then will be a brave new world and none of these issues have to be discussed anymore.
Until then, beware of what lurks in the dark.


Allergies? Other Problems with hidden danger

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George said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful and well-written post. I agree that society today doesn't allow children to be children, and parents are no longer parents. I hope and pray that the situation will get better, but it's hard to be optimistic.

A Lady's Life said...

You know George, you can't give up.
People have to know to rein back when things start becoming too loose.
When you hear stories like 14 year old girls with more than 20 boys they slept with, just to be popular at school, you have to step in, not as ONE parent but the whole school(s) of parents and devise a plan so every one is on the same page at home. 14 year old girls should not have stuff like this in their heads and neither should the boys. This means the society is too open when Sex becomes JUST SEX.

No! Sex is not just sex.
These kids are not mature enough to deal with the info they are given.
So it doesn't empower them to say no.
It empowers the abuser cause now he knows what to say and do to get what he wants.

Anonymous said...

so glad to see that at least one other person thinks the way I do, at times I despair to see what is happening I usually call it the fall of the roman empire, no one wants to read about history, what a pity, unfortunately my 15 grandchildren will have to pay the price,

Annie v.

A Lady's Life said...

Annie I think I am getting too old because these issues never go away.
They existed when I was a girl and they exist today but in our time our parents had a say. They did not have the constitution shoved up their noses telling them that in a free country, they have no rights.
Kids were taught that rights and privileges had to be earned.You don;t get rights just for reaching a cetain age. You had to show you were mature enough to receive them.
Today they shove laws up your nose and then wonder why things don;t work out.
Well dream on cause they never will.We don;t need a police state We need people who have rights to watch their own families.
This is what family is all about.
The state can never do the job that family does and if it tried, we would not be able to afford it.
They are after all strangers, who know nothing about you but there to do the job of thinking for you.
This is then turned into a police state.

Gattina said...

I agree with you ! At my Grandma's time nobody talked about sex and that was not right you should no at least the basic natural things, but today they overdo it and it's far too much explanations, finally it's a normal thing. Otherwise the world would be without inhabitants !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I believe for everything there is a time and place.
I am not worried about the world not having inhabitants.
All a person needs to do is go to the zoo in spring time
You learn a lot at the

Rick Watson said...

Well said.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks rick

SandyCarlson said...

I hear you. Wouldn't it be great if we could wake up one day and not have our lives being dictated by other people's politics. I would love for my nephews to go to a den meeting that is about Scouting and kids and not about the sexual orientation of the adults in the room.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I agree
Kids should be kids and safe.
Adults are the ones who have to keep watch as they did in the past Kids are sacred and off limits.
In the past that was an unwritten law even amongst thieves.
Anyone hurting a kid would be dead meat in jail.