Monday, February 25, 2013

Astro Door

 I love my Van. It's a good Van. Never causes trouble always drives so well
I maintain it regularly and it never hicups.

Well I told my boys never to leave my baby outside cause at night, people walk by and vandalize cars.
They stole my husbands truck once and we found it up hill with the ignition torn out, Broke the wind shield another time, Tore off the bumper in a hit and run the third, backed into it and left a dent a fourth and once we caught them breaking into it at the super store and hot wiring it. So we ran towards the truck screaming and the guy blended in with a group of East Indians like he knew nothing about it.
Police began putting out bait cars and catching thieves so now it has quieted down.
So I make sure my car stays indoor and safe.
Well men are men and they can't be bothered opening and closing the garage door so they left my van outside and I am sure someone tried to steal it and broke the interior latch so the key wouldn't work as neither would the electric locking system. So to get into the van we had to use the other doors.

We took it to many places to see what we could do to open / fix the door and the answer we got was we have to break the cover, tear it all off and it will cost you 700 dollars. or maybe you should get a new door.

I told my husband that's ridiculous. You can unscrew it and open it manually from the inside. Once it's open you can undo the rest and fix it. Well it took a while to get the right tools but my husband did it. He finally opened the door and fixed the latch but now he has to figure out how to put back the electrical system so it opens and closes with  the push button switch.
People told him to get rid of the car because there is nothing but trouble with the doors.

Well I always say buy gadgets and you buy trouble, especially with kids who love to play with gadgets. You drive other peoples kids and they have to try out all the windows all the ashtrays all the lights. After they leave, you have to check everything to make sure it doesn't discharge your battery or is unlocked or broken.
 Staying manual is the best way to go but I admit I am spoiled a bit with the gadgets lol
Now, with a key, I can get into the drivers side of my car.
This car motor has a life of 700,000 mi.
It also has a truck frame and serves as a car.
What cars today have frames?
They are just not safe.
You can sleep in it because it has flat seats and seats 8.
It's not bad on gas either
and for the price I paid I got good value. I love my car. It paid itself back many times over already with all the soccer  and cross country trips I took. Its very safe on snowy roads and has good balance.

However it's sad people have become so rude and  heartless so as to cause other people nuisance trouble like for instance, opening the outdoor faucets and letting the water run all night. Imagine if people had to pay for water?
My husband stopped fixing his truck but I am insisting he fix my Van because my men never listen when you tell them things.
Also they don't make my van anymore so I am a little upset with Chevy.
I support North America but but North America doesn't support our own people.
Then people complain they have no jobs.
I am also a bit fed up buying rotten vegetables too because they import them from other countries.
Whats wrong with our produce? We have consumer laws, which make sure our produce is good, and then we eat poison from other countries.
Where is the logic?

It just seems people have to yell and scream all the time to get justice and you get tired of talking to the wall.

Well I am happy to have a car I can drive now. Took us since September to figure it out but we saved 700 dollars. lol
A dollar here a dollar there makes a difference.

Well this was my day today
Have a good one.


SandyCarlson said...

I am sorry about that hassle you've gone through. I don't know why people make things difficult, either.

A Lady's Life said...

It's mostly kids Sandy or young men
It's fun for them . Vancouver has cracked down on fun. They put out bait cars which stops vandalism and car theft.
They have plain clothes police and plain cars on the road as well as police on bikes for the national parks.
It's like they are going bike riding but they are actually working. Unfortunately thats the only way you can catch the bad guys. They did many drug busts as well.I am very pleased with that because we need to raise kids with good brains. Otherwise how are they going to live their lives?
Sometimes you have to say NO.

Gattina said...

Fortunately we live in such a quiet little street, that it would be impossible to steal a car. Everybody would see or hear it. But once my car was stolen because I had parked it on a Garage's parking for the yearly check up ! They never found it and I could choose a new car. Good deal for me !! You make me laugh when you say "what happens to our products" because we say the same in Belgium !!

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Thats true about the products .
We have them but they ship them and freeze them rather than seel to their own people then we also get frozen fresh products from other countries and pay dearly for them and then come home and throw them into the garbage. So I have to ask what kind of insanity is this? lol
We also live on a small quiet street but this doesn;t stop the thieves They even follow you home once they target your car, and then come back at night.

George said...

I'm sorry to hear about the vandalism to your van, but I'm impressed you and your husband were able to fix it yourselves.

A Lady's Life said...

George - It's not totally fixed but at least you can open the door with a key.
Up until now it was too cold to work outside to fix it but the first warm day my husband tried and did it.
You have to be careful trusting mechanics.
I never heard of such bad advice as to chuck a car because of the doors.
Then we should sue the company. What kind of nonsense is this?