Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lovely Singapore and Life

You walk the streets in safety and discover all the flavors and smells of Singapore.
Large Buddha's such as this one, are found every where in the region.
We would find some hidden in the mountains even in Malaysia.
Buddha I think affects every one the same .
You feel solace and peace standing before this statue

This is the Famous Raffles Hotel built by the Armenian Brothers.
In it , at the long bar, the first Singapore Sling came into being.
It was awesome standing at that bar knowing that.
They had some haunted rooms and some even said they saw ladies in
long dresses having tea in the garden. They were ghosts. lol
Many famous people have signed the ledger at this hotel.
It is well worth visiting.
I have always loved this lion representing Singapore.
This is at the mouth of the Singapore River.
The junk boats are wonderful also. We used to see the boats come in
in the early dawn with fish to sell to the market. You could buy them fresh from the boat if you came in early enough.
I took my diving lessons off of a boat such as this one.
It's quite comfortable
Singapore loves Festivals.
This is the Chng Gay procession.
People are walking on stilts dressed as dolls, clowns etc...
This is the National Museum of Singapore built in 1887

Lee Kuan Yew Spent many a day building Singapore from  these buildings.
He did a wonderful job. He was known as the friendly dictator. lol
He loved his  city nation and his people.

This is one of my 20' x 15' props I drew for one of my sons' school plays.
It took up all the walls in my house to do it. Finally I used the space outside
by the covered parking spot under our town home.
I have to admit I enjoyed it when it turned out. It made the plays so special
and the families would go up to the prop and take pictures with their kids after it was all over.
I sewed up three pieces of material brown at the bottom green in the middle and blue on top
It helped with the painting since the color had blue sky on top and earth on the bottom.

I also did the balcony and covered the chair which became fit for a king
in this case Sir Raffles.
The only problem was that after putting so much effort putting it all up other classes complained because
they had a different theme to perform, like space.
It didn't conform with Singapore and her history which was our theme.
But I covered the walls They could have covered mine but they didn't put as much effort
 in their play as we did in ours.
Thankfully this time, the teachers refused to take it down.
You can't hurry such a huge production lol
The kids did wonderful jobs performing.
If only all schools could do this for their children.
What memories they would have!



Gattina said...

It must be a beautiful and interesting city ! Your props look very nice didn't know that you lived in Singapor.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Lovely photos and post for an early read.

Love for a great day!

btw e-mail me about your poems:


A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Singapore was a dream to live in but its changed now as everything does .
It's become just a city. lol

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Butterfly

George said...

I've always heard that Singapore is one of the cleanest, safest city-states in the world.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes George. You get caned otherwise and no one wants that. You can only complain if you become a political person and if you are coming to complain, you don't become a political person lol
On a small island, they can't tolerate political unrest. They try to keep it simple with a lot of festivities to keep people busy.