Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lo and Behold


A snap of the fingers and lo and behold
another hat popped out of a ball of thread.
This is the first time I tried a hat with a rim but it was not that bad to do
and I already have orders from my guys for more like them.
Every one likes hats with rims especially the boys.
So I will make a few more and then pack up shop.
Try doing other things lol
I must say these few days have been fun doing shorter projects with quicker results
Usually I take on huge projects like afghans and throws and shawls.
But these were quick fun projects and you had time to go out shopping and get some fresh air and make supper and wash floors in between. lol

I accidentally deleted this blog so I will add the hat into this one
Putting them all togather is easier to see


This is the Winnie the Pooh hat but sailors can also wear it with the front up.

This was a fun beret to make.
My son was not happy I turned it into a girl hat but simple hats you can buy for a dollar at the dollar store.
This was done so I could have some fun.. I never used buttons on a hat before.


This hat is very warm with ear flaps and the visor can be lifted up or kept down.


Tanya decided to help out with this one.
Picture this.
 One stitch and throw ball. One stitch and throw ball
Otherwise she will bark till the throw ball happens lol
                                            She is a good girl this one. Knows her stuff.


This beret goes very well with the capelette. Now it's a set.


Couldn;t resist trying another hat with a spike at the end.
Its a beanie worked with three different sized needles.
It's not supposed to be doubled on the forehead but I like it doubled so I made it that way.
I wonder if my son will like it?

I made the scarf so it doesn't unwind and stays on the shoulders.
It keeps you warm I must say. My husband likes it that way and so probably I will make him a few wider ones  for next year in black and brown.
The one here finishes the set. It's bright and cheerful.

The last hat (or the first one) below was the ski hat which my son loved and took. It looks great on him.
Sorta like a sea mans hat. Maybe a scarf like the one above would suit it as well.


The first and the last hat will be for the best lad lol
He will enjoy wearing them. I guess he will like the one with the ear flaps too.
His friend also likes these hats. They tried them on and face booked them to their friends who also liked them lol

This is the capelet I finally finished modeled by my loyal and faithful darling.
who puts up with all my so called WORK!
I call it my Robin Hood Cape.
It needs a Robin Hood Hat.
I love it cause it is warm, can be worn over a jacket, good for layering, covers bulges, and doesn't need washing
as much because you don't have to worry about underarm sweating.
I love capes and wore them when I was a kid a lot.
I had one where I looked like Sherlock Holmes which did a lot for my imagination and solving mysteries era
 and a black one
which took me back to the days of fryer tuck and Princesses hiding behind dark cloaks.
Now I will be Robin Hood and tomorrow maybe
 I will make myself a Little Red Riding hood one.

This capelet my son could wear for Halloween with a robin hood hat and green fleecy hoody and tights

See. This is why I like doing home made things They are so versatile.

So ends my week end.
 I hope you all had a wonderful week end.


Akelamalu said...

They are all lovely, you're very creative!

....Petty Witter said...

What a great selection, I particularly like the white one with the green flowers and yellow piping.