Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Watchers.


This was my first bear encounter at
Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Ill.
We could sit on this bear and hug him.
No one cared.
I felt sorry for the poor ol guy being stuffed and all.
His once beautiful fur was ruffled from all the people
 trying to touch him
He had lots of fingers going through his hair as he stood
At this time they also had a boxer monkey in a cage.
There was a sign saying not to touch the cage but
this little boy put his face to the bars
and got a punch square in the nose .
He flew backwards about a meter and began to cry.
He wasn't watching a much as the monkey

They also had this huge tortoise you could also sit on.
Today they don't allow you to do these kind of things.
But I guess back then, there were less kids too.
The old guy was used to being watched.
After the zoo we'd go to the beach and a picnic.
I loved Chicago.
Downtown was so exciting to see but my Grand Father never
allowed us to go out of the yard.
He said it was too dangerous. Lots of racism.
My younger cousin was stabbed near the heart by a group
of black boys, coming out of the barber shop.
He had 10 dollars for a haircut and less coming out.
He refused to give them his change.
My uncle was walking with his girlfriend on the sidewalk when,
some drunks came out of a bar
shooting aimlessly. He walked a block to get the hospital.
They couldn't put him to sleep, trying to get the bullets out
and he said he was screaming from the pain.
He was very angry with the doctors who saved his life lol
Animal cruelty was seen quite a bit too.
Once someone took a neighbors' cat and skinned it and threw it half
skinned, alive, to die in my GrandFathers' back yard.
They did the same to squirrels.
So going outside was not an option.
I felt like an ol southern girl , swinging on a swing
 on my grand daddy's  back porch.
Even then they watched me like a hawk.
Thunderstorms were quite fierce too and scary to watch
 and the heat in summer
always kept you sweaty.
We never had this kind of stuff back home in Quebec.
But we also didn't have this whiff of something in the air.
Excitement, danger, life!
Reminds me of the movie The Deer Hunter with De Niro.
You were like a doe and always at some ones' mercy.
As a kid, I was quite impressed with Chicago.
My uncle was a dance instructor, in his spare time.
He could dance like the wind and I loved watching him jump
 about 6 feet in the air.
He also played the accordion and we'd all sing along
and clap hands. My Mom's parents loved watching the family
when we were all together like this.
Every where you looked, people were enjoying life
doing one thing or another.
The girls loved my uncle but he was always watching me
hugging me and holding my hand to make sure he didn't lose me. lol
You grew up one day, with your spirit/ soul
full of holiness from watching
such a mixture of pain, suffering and love.
Then you entered university and everything was churned upside down again.
My professor told us there are different people in the world
Hustlers and watchers being two of them.
I guess I'm a watcher, sent to learn.



Adam said...

hug a bear? not many can say that. I've only seen a bear about 40 yards or so away.

SandyCarlson said...

What he said!

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - it was a stuffed real bear,
They put it in an area where anyone who wanted to feel the texture of the bears' fur, could.
But if I had such a stuffed bear I would keep him by my bedside or by my desk or somewhere else where I'd be spending time. They are something special to look at.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I wish they could all be friendly. They are such nice creatures. Maybe geneticists could make them smaller so people could enjoy them more.

Zuzana said...

This was quit a potpourri of a post, but i enjoyed it very much.;) I left a very long comment but your page threw me off so it vanished, but in short, I too have my own memories with bears.;)
Love the one in the image, he looks so alive and you are very cue.;)
have a great Sunday,

Magia da Inês said...

✿ °•.¸
Olá, amiga!

Passei para ver as novidades.
Bom domingo!
Boa semana!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Zuzana Sorry the page threw you off. I have this happen to me too commenting. It's irritating. Or else if I am not on explorer and after I finish, it asks for a prove you are human thing.Then I have to copy and paste on explorer to do that.
I wish people were all nice so life could be easier.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Magia from brasil. :)