Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gramma's Gift

I always wondered what to give my Gramma for Christmas.
Something original.
Not perfume or bath oils or soap.
Not chocolates or socks or the regular stuff people give.
I saw some nice Gramma bracelets,necklaces, shawls, key racks, etc...
I know  would be great gifts.
Walking through a thrift store looking  for hangers,
which I never seem to have enough of, I found .
this cute coquette of a grandma doll with a floppy head.
She must be a fairy because she has wings.
When she looks at you, she melts your heart.
All I could say was that if I ever met her in real life,
I would have taken an instant liking to her and she would have
 all the answers I'd be looking for.
Wings for Gramma, would be a perfect gift,
if it were

Aren't faces incredible.
So here's to all the incredible Grammas out there
who bring joy to their Grand childrens' hearts
by just being themselves.

A Glass of Port dears,
To your everlasting Health!
May you all get wings for Christmas. :)


P.S. I have been evading colds for years now but finally one caught hold of me
A real doozy
I am not sure what to do with it yet,
go to the doctor for antuibiotics or hold out with bronchial expectorant
cough syrup.
Robitussin  seems to help

Oh Yes.
Another incredible thing happened yesterday.
We had a monkey in our driveway.
A real monkey with a long tail.
He must have escaped from someone and is now living in the bushes
by our home. It is very cold outside so I hope he found his way back to where he
came from.
Seems one was found at IKEA in Toronto.
They took it away from a devastated owner saying it belongs with other monkeys and will become
anti social as it gets older and then will fit in no where.
Monkeys also carry Herpes B
So maybe this is why we saw a monkey here. Someone must have read the story and
 let it go or maybe it did get away


Jane of The Jewels said...

I agree - the faces on both of these are incredible. That Gramma doll really looks like a Gramma :D

I sure hope that little monkey finds his way back home. Poor thing. Did you happen to see that monkey in the news this week? It was wearing a little coat - but I'm sure it was feeling the cold nonetheless.

A Lady's Life said...

Jane- No I didn't see the monkey on TV but Monkeys are all cute.I wouldn't mind having one of those tiny finger sized ones.
I hope he found his way home too before the SPCA finds him.
We had a wolf in the back yard and I registered him with the SPCA as a lost shepherd and I kept him at home, otherwise the owners , would have had to give him up.
He was a treasure and that would have been very sad to lose him.

Adam said...

I never know what to get my grandma

A Lady's Life said...

Adam A nice warm shawl would be nice from a craft fair. Warm foot support leather slippers. just a few things lol
Unless you can get her wings lol