Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Steed

I call this my New Years' Steed.
He is smiling and ready to go,
Nothing and no one can hold a candle to him lol

I have two of them beside the fireplace and yes they each hold a candle.
So easy to find this way when you know where everything is.
He is a bit over 12 inches high, maybe 15".

He is made of plain clay and fired that way. but I love the detail
and worry so much about his ears when I pack him.

He will be greeting the New Year with his twin brother.

Today I am baking ham, making the vine leaves again, home made canneloni
with spinach and ricotta , the chicken soup broth is cooking for the seafood paella
 I will make tomorrow.,
fried mushrooms with onions are on the menu, roasted potatoes with parsley and garlic, salad.
I was going to bake salmon and lobsters but I think
this is already more than enough for three people.
I can make the rest another day.
It's going to be another festive week ahead.

With all the calamity of the end of the world behind us, we will look towards new beginnings,
a new and better world ,
where we can all live as brothers in peace.
After all, this is all we ever wanted in life.
A free world with no wars or hunger or thirst.
A beautiful world filled with flowers and trees, clear lakes
and a warm wind,
Seas full of fish
 sunny skies smiling down on us, lifting our souls
up to God on high.

All good things for 2013
are on my list
and my beautiful horses will carry the message around the world
for all to read.

God Bless Every one.!



Adam said...

2013 will be a great year

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - YEAH!!!

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you dear one as you enter the New Year!

Russell said...

I like your steed - very impressive. You must be fan of horses since your avatar (is that the right term for the picture that accompanies your blog?) is one of a beautiful horse.

My daughter loves horses, too. When she went to college 6 years ago (pharmacy is a long program but a good one) she sold her horse. She is again looking to get back into horse riding.

Now that she is married and on her own she will discover how expensive horses can be - heh! It is a great hobby but they are expensive.

I rather like the two clay horses you have! Very regal looking.

Have a wonderful new year!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Just be Real ! :)

A Lady's Life said...

Russell Happy new year to you too.

We love horses. We used to go to Langley 204 where Theresa had many horses and she would make sure all the kids took care of them and rode every horse to learn their characters. At the beginning you loved one horse, but in the end, you loved them all. It's a lot of work and expensive with horse shoeing, boarding, vet care. They get sick like people do in winter, and then you have to buy all the accessories like blankets and tack. I made 40 anti fly nets for her, so every horse didn't have fly problems on their nose and eyes . They play and tear things.
Then we went to the Langley auction and the heart break we saw there with the horses was unbearable. They are very sensitive creatures, loving and people were crying cause they couldnt afford feed for them and the butchers were waiting to buy by the pound as were horse abusers who rode them to the ground and brought them back to resell.We were asked by heart broken owners to buy their horses dirt cheap.I would but I don't have a place to keep them.It would be different if the city allowed horses in the back yard lol
I tell every one to support horse ranches.Take kids for horse rides to learn about them. They do great things to give a regal animal a gift of life.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

I wish you so much joy in this 2013 year, with lots of time with those you love, time to paint, and time learn and share. XXXXXX C

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Carolina :) Same to you.:)