Saturday, December 15, 2012

So The Blind May See the Light

Jacintha Saldanha
This was a shocking story.
With all that is going on in the world today, it's just inconceivable that an educated woman,
with a loving family, would do something like this, over something so stupid as answering the phone and being duped into believing it was the Queen calling. Had she said no, she would be feeling bad again about it if it had been the Queen.
It was a joke that back fired in the biggest sense of the word.
What a senseless tragedy for this family.

In another part of the world another senseless tragedy involving the killing of small children
in Newtown, Connecticut. One child was from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Now why did this lady, a teacher, have such weapons in her home for her son to find and use?
He had mental health issues and so you never keep things in your home which could add to this situation.
Heck,even smart people flip out. Adam Lanza was an honor student and a nice kid.

You watch the news on TV and it's bad . You can turn the set off but outside in the real world, it's a lot worse, and you can't turn that off. Every day in the papers we read about bodies being found .
With laws being lax, people are becoming more forward in selling and buying drugs.
So you don't know what kind of crazed mind is behind the wheel of a car or who will be breaking your front door in the middle of the night just for fun. Killing can be fun.
We need to be asking a lot of questions today.

It's a false reality thinking one lives in safety.
Life is about caution.
 Stress is bound to affect people as many are not capable of handling it.
 Lawyers, Judges, CEO's Government, Realters,  Bankers, cause needless stress in society for personal financial gain, but they seem to be SAFE as opposed to a school full of innocent kids.

How do you hurt high powered, cold people?
You kill the children.
Inadvertently, this is what this young man did.
Innocence will continue to die while greed selfishness and the ugly side of life lives.
While one Mother cries, another sits drinking Champagne, gaining from a Mothers' tears. It's infuriating.
No one is SAFE.
They say you are born in sin, live in sin and die in sin and everything else in between doesn't matter.
You lose hope and once that is gone, there is nothing left to live for.

But there is something.
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, if you look for it.
They said Jacintha was religious but was she with God?
False prophets are everywhere. They are part of the problem.
Adam Lanza, in Connecticut lived in darkness. Did he know God?
If he did, he would not have done what he did.

God guides you to the light. He is a redeemer, a saviour.
If both people would have put their trust into him, laid their lives down into his hands and said:
 God, here I am. I am Lost. Love me. Protect me. Bless me.
I think Jacintha would have still been alive today as would
the innocence slaughtered in Connecticut.

God is just.His word never changes. You know where you stand with him.
 People?......Not so much .

It is not enough to be religious. You need faith too.
Where there is Faith, there is always Hope and with Hope,
comes Life.
When I was a child and woke up from a nightmare, I had faith.I knew if I crossed myself, my God would be with me and then I could sleep in peace.
It's nice for a child to feel this way. I never had to run to my Mothers' bed.
I always had golden dreams for I kept the gateway open, to his light.
Had a gunman entered my room and killed me, I would live in heaven,
 but I am certain, I would still live.

It is only when you begin to look into the darkness, that fear and  trouble begin to brew, and today
that's all that is put in front of us from the moment we wake up,
to the moment we sleep, if we can sleep that is.
Seems most people sleep from total exhaustion these days than from the relaxed sleep they should be doing.
 Sleep has become a luxury most can't afford.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in God,
Christianity needs to be put back into schools so children are raised to believe in faith and hope and
 not live in darkness.
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


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