Friday, September 7, 2012

Whistler in Zen

You find quiet places like this to sit and contemplate life or enjoy a coffee and a good book
in Whistler, BC.

It's not a real waterfall but you almost expect a fish to swim by.

Is it no wonder they have such beautiful life like statues of deer here.

We see them everywhere we go in BC.
They have no borders.
Gentle skittish creatures who should not be underestimated. lol

It is certainly a privilege to be able to see them as they graze on the mountain where people ski in winter and bike on in summer.

Who ever made these guys, really did a great job.
Well one of my blogger friends said the hornets are nesting in the grass instead of close to fences and such which according to some folks means a cold winter is coming.
Thought I'd pass it on. Maybe it's time to get the knitting needles out lol
Well I am thankful this convention is over.
Except for Clinton's speech I was not very impressed with it at all
Kerry I believe slipped and called Romney President lol
Then someone admitted all this change was going to take 10 years, so people have to eat cake till then?
They only had policies to spend money because we know in Canada, it's not cheap to run a healthcare system and in the end it's not there for the people who need it, who die in hallways before they can see a doctor.
In any country the top priority/ stimulus should be job creation and keeping the finances in order.
This isn't happening under Obamas' care.
There is no guarantee Obama won't still over spend on war, as soldiers are still dying
There will always be excuses for failing promises not allowed for the other President.
What is even a bigger problem is run away liberalism.
We had this here as well. Ok everything and everyone for votes.
Then liberals begin killing liberals and then oh oh. lol What happened?
People want conservatism.
So in my humble opinion, America grew great under conservatism.
In the olden days people in both parties held conservative views and it is under these views
the Constitution was written and a country was built.
Runaway liberalism is bad news. 
It's hard to say no after people are used to the word yes.
To have an untra conservative President like Obama allow all this liberalism, sends red flags up.
Another thing bothering me is that Islam law doesn't allow for changes in religion.
Only Islamic children can attend their schools.
So Obama, seeing the problem the US has with Islam and terror, should never have been considered
a Presidential candidate for national security reasons.
Obama is under the religious authority of Iran and if one day he gets a phone call and does not comply
he and his family will be endangered as President and after he isn't President.
This is asking for trouble America doesnt need for so many reasons I can't write here.
Just sayin.

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George said...

The first two photos remind me of a Japanese garden, which I always find to be peaceful and serene. Those statues are very realistic and very well done. I, too, am glad the conventions are over. Now if we can only get through the next 60 days.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Yes I totally agree lol

Rob-bear said...

Runaway liberalism is a problem. Likewise, runaway conservatism. The only problem is that many of us cannot tell the difference. The language has been so utterly debased.

Obama? Ultra-conservative? Surely you jest! His health care plan, though terribly flawed, is probably the most liberal legislation America has seen in years. Perhaps decades.

Obama? Under the authority of Iran? Where do you get such weird ideas? HIs biography show he is a protestant Christian, a member of The United Church of Christ.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear - Obama listens to his party
As you know political people have to separate themselves from personal views as he has done with gay marriage and abortion
As he has done with swearing allegiance on the bible.
There is nothing clear about Obama.

Iran believes it has a hold on Muslim people if you read the quran.

This is why there is a problem with moderates right?
Otherwise there would not be all this fighting and killing.

You cannot afford to close your eyes today with things like this going on.
If the US paid attention maybe 9/11 would have been avoided.

Today Canada closed the Iranian Embassy and told its diplomats to go home from Iran.

Pays to be vigilant and liberalism leads to sloppiness cause everything is ok.
I never said ultra conservatism was good either This is why we have problems with Iran. But it pays to be a little conservative where it comes to knowing right from wrong.

Gattina said...

What a peaceful place !

I don't agree at all with your political vision. All the troubles they are sitting in now, is coming from the Bush area ! He started the wars, he put the States into a mess. How can one get out the carriage of this sh..t in 4 years ? Impossible.
Obama does a very good job he has ended this stupid war in Irak. But you have your opinion I have mine, anyway the Europeans like Obama and not this stupid guy who promises things he will never be able to keep, that's for sure.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I am for neither guys lol
I think there should have been a third party.
Europe is in a mess herself so is not an example to learn

As for Bush he had no choice. If he did nothing he would be blamed and now he did something, he is blamed anyway.But at least now the Arabs are waking up and fighting for change too.
Obama did nothing except be there for the clean up which was already going to happen if Bush/ republicans stayed on.Bush had other things in mind when he became President.Not war.People seem to forget that.

Anyway. we can only say what we see
and I don't think America needs more trouble since they were always careful before about who they chose to run for President, for national security reasons.

If they would ask the ayatollah who the President is, he would tell
In America, Obama can be whoever he wants to be, which is what we call

Gattina said...

Read this :

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I watched all the convention of both parties and listened to the comments.Romney is new but he has one agenda - job creation.That's it.He is also a mormon so he is not affiliated with the regular rich people. He is a self made man.
Obama is spread out with health care, to spend money they don't have to spend and in 4 years he created very few jobs. They said nothing much will change for another 10 years.That's a long time and he is only allowed two terms to be President.He did one term already.So what are people supposed to do for the next 10 years, suck their thumbs?
So many people lost homes and have no jobs and the ones that do have, are part time and low paying and the others stopped looking.

Obama is weak and they had to have Clinton do the big talking job for him.
I think looking back, Clintons' wife should have been the President because she is not tainted with question marks and is a qualified political woman who would have taken her job seriously.
She would have had jobs for the people.
People forget what the Arab world said when Obama was elected. They were happy because they said he was muslim. Obama now says he is Christian but sat in the church of Rev Wright who hates So it doesn't say much for his Christian belief.His formative years were Muslim and he quoted a lot from the muslim koran himself, so he knows himself he is muslim.It doesn't matter what he wrote for the American people to read in his bio.
The trouble is, if he is assassinated,this would be a disaster for America.
I have nothing against the "man" but for political purposes, he is the wrong man, at this particular time, to be President.The Democratic party is playing a dangerous game . It's too dangerous because people are all on edge right now.
So don't get upset .
This is just for discussion purposes.For me right now, i think if they had a third party it would help create the balance they need to begin to work together.
People need jobs.Tha should be the top priority right now and the only one offering this, is Romney.
Sorry kid.