Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As I sat on a bench beside this bike, the owner sat behind me, watching, as soo many people come to marvel
this creation and take pictures.
We all thought this was part of the exhibition to attract people but I guess it wasn't or maybe it
One never knows what goes on here in Whistler,
He seemed to enjoy people loving his bike.

What we did see was a lot of bikers who either hired expensive bikes or brought their own and bought tickets to ride the Gondola up this steep ski mountain and then do a thrilling ride downhill.
The rest of us did other things like shop and wander and enjoy the outdoor restaurants.

It's a nice feeling to be surrounded by a village like this with no cars.
They made it like a circle of hotels and streets that criss crossed. Upstairs is a hotel or restaurant and downstairs are shops. but on the other side of the hotel you have the registering and being told where to park.

Havana Band
I liked the rooms which over looked the street where they had music.
They had balconies one could sit on and enjoy the people and music
which is especially wonderful for old people who tire easily.
In winter it's even more beautiful to watch the huge snow flakes as they fall quietly in a serene setting.
The room we had, had its' own fireplace, jaccuzi, and sauna.
Great for those sore joints and muscles after a hard work out.

Where I live we don't have much snow  and when it snows, it melts quickly, so to be here
is quite exciting in the winter time.
This is also where the rich and famous come to spend time.
Prince Charles and his boys came here as did our then Prime Minister Trudeau who married
Margaret Sinclair, from BC.
There is no better place to ski and enjoy any time of year.


George said...

This does look like a wonderful place to visit. That bike you found is amazing. In my younger (and more foolish) days I rode a bike when we lived in the mountains of North Carolina. I once got clocked by the police doing 50 in a 30 mile an hour zone. Fortunately I didn't get a ticket!

A Lady's Life said...

George - lol dem were the good ol days lol

SandyCarlson said...

That's an incredible bicycle. What a place. Thanks, friend!

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Sandy

Diana said...

Wow that bike sure was an original! This really looks like a fun place. I'd love to go with my husband for a getaway there! Getaway from the teens, LOL!!!! LOve Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diana - It's a fun place even if you don't ski or jump with bikes.