Sunday, September 30, 2012

Decriminalizing Drugs

I agree that sick people should not be put in jail.
They should be put into rehab centers.
The drug suppliers have to be the guys who need to be closed down.

It is nice to show these stories but we  learned or should have learned by now, that what is good for one country is not necessarily good for another. With internet it has become even worse today.
No system is beyond being hacked as the crooks are becoming smarter than the people who run systems.

It is easier to control something in a small area as opposed to a large area like Canada and the US.
China eventually was taken over by communism which took care of the problem very quickly.
When they said the shop was closed, the shop was closed. lol
If you didn't care about your life, they helped you end it.

When you see people fighting for the legalization of drugs, it is a symbol of a declining civilization.
When you see young people wasting their health and life doing drugs instead of exercise,
sports, outdoor activities and education, things they should be doing, this is a sign of decline.

Something is wrong when a country cannot inspire people to think and promotes people to sit in dream land.
They said religion was an opiate of the people and here people want to sit in a dream rather than face reality as it really and truly is.

Reality is a sad state of affairs today. There is no joy in living listening 24 /7 about all the misery people live in around you.
These same people make you feel guilty for being healthy and productive.
This is your human right to work, to make money, to progress, make a good life for yourself.
No one knows what the future holds so it is your right to build a nest egg to fall on.
But other people also have human rights not to be productive or healthy. They have a right to party.
When they fall, they fall badly and then they rob, fall into vice, become ill and need money.
Then they look into other peoples pockets and demand you share.
Explain how it is fair for the middle class, to be pulled down into the gutter to help people who don't care about their lives? When I look at a person who is poor but wants a life and education, this is the person I want to help because there is a future there.
To help a person continue to live a self destructive life is not my cup of tea because I know I will end up there too. The super rich also have to be asked how they make their money. Do they do it at the expense of hurting the working man or building the working man?
Unions have to be asked the same question. Do they work for the people who support them or work against the people who support them by making demands that can't be delivered without hurting the company.
There seem to be so many imbalances.

There seems to be other confusions too.
When you go to a psychologist and complain that you are abused by a spouse or you are an alcoholic, or drug addict or a criminal who does crimes because of an addiction, the first thing they tell you is to stay away
from the people who do these things so as not to be tempted to do them again.
Change of scenery, is what is advocated to clean oneself up. Instead, these people always find each other and stick together.
In China, things didn't work the same way as they seem to in some places in Europe and in any event
Europe struggles to support a system of heavy public demands which becomes bigger every year.

I believe people need to be helped when they need help for a short period of time to get them up on their feet but people have to be productive. Families need to be strong and have both a Mother and Father to show an example of what a traditional family is because this is a balanced family.
That's not to say other kind of families can't or don't exist. They do.
 Government is supposed to help make life fun for families so people don' get depressed and have a need for negative outlets and people have to stop fighting.Government has to help create jobs, factories, so people have a self supporting system.

Rather than use Europe as an example, I would use Singapore.
It's a city state.
If every city behaved in a similar fashion, the world would be a better place to live.
People have a nice quiet life there, working, going to school, preparing for festivals, living in affordable government homes. It's an island so they can't spread out very much. There is no drug problem there.
It is a pleasure to walk on their streets and enjoy the polite people.
For what they have, they are doing pretty good.

We keep looking at Europe and so far I havent seen anything very good there.
North American people are a psychologically cleaner, religious and caring than what I saw in many countries
especially Islamic countries. These countries come here and laugh at our ignorance and the only reason I know this is because I've been there and my eyes have been opened. It makes you appreciate what you have at home a lot more. It helps you remember why people ran away from those countries. It makes you understand why they keep running here except that today they run to destroy, not to build, so immigration has to be slowed down.
It is a sad state of affairs but you have to help people progress in their own countries and NATO is trying to do this at a very tragic cost.
If you want change, don't change into something less.
Change into something more.
 To move forward, does not mean moving back.

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