Friday, September 28, 2012

The End Is A New Beginning.

They say our BC Cultus Lake is bottomless.

Legend has it that there is a hole which forms into a tunnel,
connecting the lake to the Pacific Ocean.
They know this because a man who drowned in the lake,
was found floating by the coast of White Rock and the US border
and because they found sea fish swimming in it which should not be there.

BC is like Finland in many respects. It has fiords and glaciers and so much forest
rich in legendary tales and creatures like the Sasquatch.

A Finnish story depicts a forest god named Tapio, whose beard is made up of trees
and whose eyes were bottomless lakes.
I can relate this legend to our province.

Kalevala, is a Finnish book, discussing the creation of the world.
It was written by Elias Lonnrot (1802-84).
He was a doctor who collected proverbs folk lore and poetry to promote
One hero was Vainmoinen, born old, because his Mother Luonnotar,
 floated in the water for 700 years.
He is mentioned throughout the book.

Now Luonnotar was the daughter of Ilma, the air, before time began.
She walked in her Mothers' clouds, until she became very tired and fell into the ocean.
The ocean impregnated her and Vainmoinen was the result.

In the Kalevala book, Vainomoinen leaves a kantele (musical instrument)
as a symbol, of the continuation of Finnish culture.
Finland, at that time belonged to Russia.

The Finnish Creation story goes like this.
Luonnotar floated in the water.
A duck found her upraised knee and laid some eggs on it.
When Luonnotar moved, the duck flew away and the eggs fell and broke, creating the world.

Half the shells became the sky and half the land.
The yolk became the sun and the albumen the moon.

With rolling stones on Mars, suggesting there once was a lake or river up there,
who are we to argue with creation stories?

Legends, heroes, gods, stories from other worlds
finding their way to our world, seem to be relating or
connecting the dots, that the end of the story, is really
just another beginning.


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